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About Octo


Innovation, Insight and Intelligence

How we turn driving data into analytics solutions that are transforming the insurance industry.

Our technology captures and analyses behavioral, contextual and driving data to provide innovative solutions for our partners, and is powered by the largest telematics database in the world.

This creates winning strategies for insurers in how they price risk, manage and pay claims and maximize their customer relationships.

Our mission

‘To harness the power of data to provide smart solutions for the connected world’

Innovation is what we do

Through our connected car software platform and unique technological capabilities we are able to develop and manage a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of telematics solutions.

Our connected car software platform is built to address the challenges facing the automotive insurance industry and integrates with our business partners’ IT systems.

Building the Best Technology Solutions:

The largest global telematics database

We have created and continue to grow the world’s largest insurance telematics database. We have analyzed 186 billion miles of driving data and 438,000 crashes to support the delivery of our services. 

Proprietary predictive algorithms

Our platform analyzes and correlates the behavioral, contextual and driving data of an individual policyholder against similar driving profiles in our dataset to formulate an accurate prediction risk profile. In addition, our proprietary algorithms enable crash notification and reconstruction.

Operation across devices

Our platform operates across a wide variety of devices, which enables our insurance partners to choose the device type that is most appropriate for a particular customer segment and service proposition. This spans smartphone apps, traditional telematics devices and connected cars.

Continuing to lead through technology strategy

Our Technology Strategy team ensures the continued innovation of both our technology and platform, in addition to exploring adjacent market sectors where our data-analytics capabilities can provide an advantage for our partners.

From conception to market leadership

Fabio Sbianchi founded Octo in 2002 to provide telematics to the motor insurance industry.

Fabio saw that the way insurance quotes are typically calculated, against a set of static metrics, didn’t represent an accurate risk profile for drivers; with no way of rewarding good drivers and helping all motorists become safer on the road.

By introducing telematics to the industry, Octo has helped auto insurers to accurately calculate risk and manage and pay claims based on data analysis; making insurance pricing fairer and more transparent for drivers.

Today, Octo has grown into the leading global insurance telematics provider, with more than 100 insurance partners and 5.4 million connected users worldwide.

Our roots in behavioral, contextual and driving data analysis allow us to deliver analytics and connected car solutions to the automotive industry as well as the large rental and fleet sectors.

Our People

Fabio Sbianchi

Chief Executive Officer and Company Founder

Leads Octo Telematics globally and is responsible for the company’s business vision and global strategy. Is an experienced leader, entrepreneurial ...

Giuseppe Zuco

Chief Technology Strategist

Giuseppe Zuco is the current Chief Technology Strategist at our Group and until 2015, he was the Chief Information Officer, a post he held since ...

Maria Enrica Angelone

Chief Financial Officer

Maria Enrica Angelone has served as the Chief Financial Officer of our Group since January 2011. Ms. Angelone graduated with a degree in Economics ...

Vincent Bonnet

Vice President of Sales

Vincent Bonnet has served as our Vice President of Sales since 2012. Mr. Bonnet graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from ESI Supinfo ...

Gianfranco Giannella

Chief Operating Officer

Gianfranco Giannella is the Chief Operating Officer of our Group and has been with Octo since 2013. Mr.Giannella was an officer in the Italian Army ...

Jonathan Hewett

Chief Marketing Officer

Jonathan Hewett has served as the Chief Marketing Officer for our Group since 2013. Mr. Hewett began his career in the banking sector, joining ...

Carla Cianfriglia

Group Chief HR & Organization Officer

Carla Cianfriglia has served as Group Chief HR & Organization Officer for our Group since 2013. Ms. Cianfriglia graduated in 1993 from the Sapienza ...

Hans Marteau

General Counsel

Hans Marteau joined our Group in 2015 as General Counsel. Mr. Marteau obtained his law degree from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1987, after ...

Nino Tarantino

CEO of Octo North America

Nino Tarantino is currently the CEO of Octo North America, a position he has held since 2010. Mr. Tarantino has more than two decades of experience ...

Octo around the world

A global network of offices and service providers.

Protecting the environment

We are working with the ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) to develop predictive pollution monitoring.

Our smart driver navigation already helps to reduce pollution through improved traffic flows and we are now developing unique algorithms which identify pollution patterns to create driver efficiency initiatives for eco-driving. 

Better driving for everyone

We work with governmental bodies to help improve driving conditions.

Traffic management
Road safety planning
Eco driving projects
Automatic payment collection for parking and tolls
Pollution reduction schemes

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