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Maximize the return on your connected car investment

Connecting OEMs with Insurers


Our platform helps automotive OEMs profit from their investment in connected car and related technologies through insurance-related services. With over 100 partners in 23 countries, our integrated insurance telematics solutions and contextualized driving behavior-based CRM programs for connected cars give unrivalled access to global insurers to our automotive business partners.

Monetize connected car data

Octo’s platform connects OEMs to over 60 insurers across the globe, giving your customers seamless access to the personalized insurance offerings they want while offering you a new revenue stream from connected car data.

Improve customer relationships

Our crash detection and claims services solutions ensure your customers are safer – and feel safer – when driving your vehicles. Our telematics ecosystem enables the value-added services that drive retention and help you sell more vehicles.

Build better products

Build better warranty programs, deliver personalized service offers, and understand how your vehicles are driven by leveraging Octo’s advanced analytics capabilities and deep insights into driving behavior.

Improve your driver value proposition

Automotive Telematics SolutionsDriver behavior and habits
Automotive Telematics SolutionsDriver assistance
Automotive Telematics SolutionsCrash detection and notification
Automotive Telematics SolutionsClaims management services
Automotive Telematics SolutionsTheft prevention
Automotive Telematics SolutionsStolen vehicle recovery

DriveAbility Marketplace

The DriveAbility Marketplace is a telematics platform enabling automotive OEMs and telematics data providers to monetize their driving data through partnerships with insurers. We analyze and score uniform and non-uniform data from your drivers using the market-leading DriveAbility Score to provide qualified leads for individualized insurance offers. Octo’s DriveAbility Marketplace provides data suppliers with access to a large pool of data consumers, enables valuable driving-behavior based services, and helps maximize the ROI of your connected car investment.

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Automotive Telematics Solutions

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