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OCTO innovates everywhere. It expresses its strong commitment to people developing and supporting sustainable mobility, integrated programs for road safety improvement and special activities that promote inclusion for disabled athletes.

Together for Safer Roads

On the road, innovation is synonymous with increased safety. Along with other Together for Safer Roads members, OCTO contributes to specific initiatives designed to improve public health on the roads, which affects human development and economic growth. They are focused on five areas of global interest and impact within local communities, taking advantage of its members’ know-how, data, technology and global networks.


OCTO’s supportive soul is well known within another important charity, Brake, which cooperates with communities and organizations across the UK. Their vision is that safe and healthy mobility is everyone’s human right, therefore they work to reduce deaths and injuries on the roads, making them safer for everyone, and supporting people in the post traumatic phase. In addition, Brake’s commitment embraces schools and communities’ education, as well as campaigns, fleet and corporate events, such as the Road Safety Week. Along with its contribution, OCTO presents its data analysis activity during a yearly webinar.


A safe home for customers’ data

OCTO is a safe home for all customers’ data and knows how to handle them.
Hence, it always operates under transparency, strongly aware of the importance of integrity of behavior and collaboration with clients.

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    OCTO is a great sports fan, with which it shares values and goals. It is a general sponsor of MotoGP Imperiali Team in the disabled Italian and International Championship. Its strong commitment aims to raise awareness about sports without barriers.

  • Diversamente Disabili

    OCTO is actively involved with the Italian non-profit organization called Di.Di., and, as such, sponsors different activities related to road education in school programs. OCTO is also the title sponsor of the OCTO Bridgestone Cup “Di.Di.”, the disabled motorbike championship, and the Bridgestone International Handy Race “Di.Di”.

  • Romanes Wheelchair Rugby

    OCTO provides support also at a local level. The Rome based club promotes wheelchair rugby in the capital city and across Italy through fundraising and independent activities such as e-commerce, advertising and sponsorship.

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