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The global leader in insurance telematics

The most advanced insurance IoT platform

The data we collect is processed with our powerful algorithms giving us an accurate picture of driver behavior. These insights are used to create solutions that meet the needs of today and to anticipate future trends and demands.

From our telematics data-set, the largest telematics database in the world, our patented algorithms (with more than 2,000 unique combinations) fuel smart applications that create a seamless and personalized consumer value proposition.

Global leadership in technology and innovation

Offering breadth – allowing our partners to deliver the full potential of telematics with best in class functionalities and complimentary capabilities. Targeted acquisitions for new geographies and adjacencies.

  • Scale – millions of connections and the largest global telematics database benefiting from data driven network effects.
  • Platform – fully modular, and acting as the strategic intermediary hub to connect best of breed players across the industry. Supporting ecosystem and partnerships.
  • Future Ready – Hybrid IoT, AI and Autonomous driving

Our roots in insurance telematics means that OCTO excels in data capture and analysis technology. From the heart of the emerging algorithm economy, we are pioneering end to end solutions for the telematics industry.

Excellence through collaboration

OCTO is committed to collecting and sharing industry knowledge to support new developments. We invest heavily in new concepts to innovate products for the future. We are proud of our partnership with Ohio State University Centre for Automotive Research. Together we are working to the highest engineering standards for our new products and services.