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OCTO AroundMe

Distancing becomes easy in working places and public environments.

What is it?

Under the recent government measures implemented due to the Covid-19 emergency, people should respect a distance between each other of at least 2 meters in public or private places.

OCTO AroundMe is the OCTO solution that monitors the behavior of individuals in public or private areas, registering the presence of individuals and abnormal social distancing behavior

It consists of a digital app (available for both iOS and Android) and an OCTO SmartTag equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, and has been shown to be solid and reliable on the connected insurance market. Once given to people with access to certain areas, OCTO AroundMe emits an audible signal to notify the user of other individuals close to them.

Key benefits

OCTO AroundMe:

  • is a pocket-sized, smartphone-compatible OCTO SmartTag solution
  • is designed to keep users safe and traceable within any environment
  • ensures respect for social distancing guidelines
  • provides real-time alerts to mitigate any potential risks when entering an environment accessible to the public (e.g. retail shops, dealerships, agencies, etc.)
  • is designed for the proactive containment of any COVID-19 cases.

OCTO SmartTag

The foundation of OCTO AroundMe service chain is OCTO SmartTag, a network of wearable Bluetooth low energy battery powered micro-tags, to be distributed to the individuals under surveillance. 

When two tags are in direct proximity about a couple of meters, a proximity event/alarm is generated and stored, together with the time stamp and the identities of the tags in proximity. 

The tags can download as well their events log to a «central hub», implemented by means of a smartphone app connected to the OCTO backend, in order to maintain a centralized history of the events occurred within a certain cluster of tags.

Length: 30 mm Width: 30 mm
Height: 12 mm Weight: 14 g

The new normal. Let’s shape the future together.

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