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Smart Home

OCTO Smart Home is a monitoring solution that protects your house and assets that you care about the most.
You can benefit from a 24/y real-time detection of alarms in case of house-related emergencies.

OCTO Smart Home

Given its small size and ability to be self-installed, this device is suitable for any type of home. 

Composed by a main core and several sensors, the OCTO Smart Home is modular and can be configured with the right sensors based on selected services.

Flood Detection

Real-time detection of alarms generated by a water sensor.

Smoke Detection

Real-time detection of alarms generated by a smoke sensor.

Gas Leak Detection

Real-time detection of alarms generated by a gas sensor.

Power Outage – Electric Spike Detection

Real-time detection of electrical spikes (overvoltages) and power outages inside your house that generating an alarm.



Energy Monitoring

Monitor use of electrical consumption of home appliances. This self-installed device collects consumption measurements and generates an alarm if the configurable threshold is exceeded.

SOS Panic Button

During an emergency it is important to have relevant information and useful tools at hand. The SOS Panic Button allows you to quickly call an Assistance Control Room without dialing a phone number.

Video Surveillance & Anti-Theft

Automatic home alarms are triggered when any video-surveilled area is compromised. OCTO Smart Home includes a camera that allows you to monitor your home anytime from your smartphone.

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