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Development Components

The OCTO platform has all the features to support and facilitate customers in the adoption and development of their mobile apps through the vertical Software Development Kit, which allows you to optimize time-to-market and reaction times to end user needs.


Vehicle Sharing SDK

In a competitive market where increasingly rapid reaction times are required, it is important to have dynamic, modular and flexible solutions that allow you to promptly adapt the offer to your needs.

Developing custom apps to interact with end users, which can be integrated into a company’s solution portfolio, may require developing your platform from scratch. With the Vehicle Sharing SDK solution, OCTO offers a set of services that can facilitate the integration of OCTO vehicle sharing features into customized mobile apps for end users.


Simplified developing process

The SDK, interfacing directly with the OCTO service platform for vehicle sharing, simplifies the application development process, facilitating implementation by the company accelerating implementation.

OCTO’s Vehicle Sharing SDK solution includes:

Software Framework

Which can be imported directly into any Android or iOS App

Functionalities Manual

Which details the functions available for rental management

Development Assistance

Basic or specialized (which includes one year of corrective and evolutionary maintenance)

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