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Modular catalogue of digital interfaces that allows companies to design flexible customised programs, accelerate time to market and provide a wide range of end-user services that improve their experience.

Digital Driver™ helps to increase the customer engagement throughout the policy lifecycle

Digital Driver™ is a white label solution that summarizes and records many values suitable for outlining a driver profile and its features and combines them with other relevant indicators such as distance covered, time of day, and road type.

It starts from the collection of telematics data, proceeding through the detailed assimilation and tuning, and then relating the data to other indicators.

OCTO Digital Driver Solutions Overview


Engagement passes through a Digital Journey

This solution is designed to make the driver aware of the risky driving behaviours implemented during individual journeys in order to correct those behaviours and mitigate any negative consequences that could derive from them. The monitoring of some specific driving parameters has the potential to improve driving behaviour through continuous interaction.

The risky behaviours are in fact highlighted on the map of the trip, thus showing the driver the precise points where the distraction occurred.

Through Driver Coaching, feedback is then provided on the driving habits needing improvement, and also grouped into two categories:


For each trip, the three most significant events are highlighted so that the driver can learn and improve. The risk events included into this category are speed, acceleration, braking and steering.


The cumulative usage time of the mobile phone is recorded and displayed for each trip.


Loyalty & Rewards

Careful attention to safety, promoting and rewarding good driving, moving the end-user towards less risky behaviours, increasing brand loyalty, and completing the digital path are just some of the objectives that can be achieved from implementation of this solution: a framework that allows end-users to be involved through the promotion of good driving practices by leveraging game mechanisms and rewards.

The driver earns points (Experience Points) based on driving behaviour. Points, once rewarded, cannot be withdrawn. Awards The points earned can be converted into prizes following predefined rules. The redemption takes place through market-leading platforms with which agreements are in place (e.g. Amazon).

This capability enables the management of various initiatives including:


From their definition to the visualization, both past and current


To check the position with respect to other users in the game


To purchase items using reward points


Roadside Assistance

Road Assistance on Demand

Being alongside the end-user in a “critical” moment, such as a breakdown or an accident, is an effective way for the company to improve the service offered and strengthen its relationship with the driver. With Road Assistance on Demand, the end-user can request roadside assistance by pressing a button in the app.

The request is sent to the OCTO IoT platform and to an Assistance Control Room, thus starting a process that guarantees the necessary assistance to the driver 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with highly qualified operators.

Contact Center

To facilitate companies in the adoption of telematics and in the performance of those services that are not strictly core, OCTO provides a First Level Customer Assistance service through a qualified contact center with decades of experience. Leveraging a world-leading CRM platform, it is capable of handling thousands of inbound calls per day. This service represents an important point of contact for providing the insured, on behalf of the insurer, with professional information and feedback throughout the lifecycle of the telematics policy.

Advantages for the company

Ability to focus on higher profitability and lower cost activities

Benefits for the policyholder

Quality of service, greater satisfaction and loyalty

Automatic Crash Notification

The automatic crash detection through the OCTO Smart Tag ensures that the insured, using the app, is immediately put in contact with the Assistance Operating Room. The near-real-time crash data such as geolocation of the event, the extent of the impact, the direction of the vehicle, is provided to the Assistance Operating Room to proactively and efficiently assist the end-user.

Furthermore, all the data collected from the incident are compiled into a complete dossier and processed to enable additional OCTO Crash & Claims services. This solution is a valuable tool for companies looking to offer end users a high-value service in a difficult time, increase loyalty and reduce the risk of fraud.

Crash Reverse

Easy to adopt a solution that is able to improve those insurance processes considered critical, such as Claims Management, through complete telematic management of claims via an app. Starting from a list of open claims reports provided by the company, OCTO supports the management of cases by enriching the list with historical and contextual information that allows a more objective assessment of the request.

This solution makes it possible to identify any inaccurate requests and detect fraud attempts, for example when the insured has intentionally provided incorrect information. The result is greater internal efficiency and improved company KPIs.

Thanks to the OCTO IoT4Insurance app and Salesforce platform, insurers now have a unique and clear 360° view of the policyholder. The OCTO and Salesforce common goal is to increase customer-perceived value and to support lead generation and fast-growing new opportunities.


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