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Octo invented the technology that improves and rewards good driving

Everybody drives differently and we believe that your unique driving style should be taken into account when calculating your insurance quote.

Octo technology allows insurers to do just that. It monitors key driving metrics to produce your personal driver score and calculate an accurate cost for you.

Information collected by Octo is held in our secure data facility, where we analyze driving patterns across thousands of parameters.

We help keep you safe with automated emergency assistance and breakdown services.

Key metrics

We use the most advanced data capture and analytics technologies to determine individual risk profiles based on thousands of parameters including:









Save up to 30% on your insurance policy

Until now, insurance quotes have been measured against a set of static metrics, like age, gender and location. Some drivers end up paying more than they should to make up for other, less careful drivers.

Driving assessment

Octo technology gives insurers a clear picture of your driving, so that they can design a policy around your precise needs.

Pay as you drive

Many insurance policies offer a ‘pay as you drive’ scheme rewarding good drivers.

Better driving

Octo lets you track your driving and get tips on how to sharpen your skills to lower your policy.

Insurance claims

Octo claims reconstruction can be used to understand accident liability, automate vehicle repair cost calculation and help with personal injury estimation. This makes the claims process more efficient, reduces administration time and speeds up repairs.

24 x 7 help and assistance when you need it the most

Breakdown recovery

The Octo Security Control Room is instantly accessible from your vehicle. They can take information and dispatch breakdown help to your specific location at any time.

Emergency assistance

In case of an accident, Octo technology automatically sends out an alert that can dispatch emergency services. This can speed up response time by 50% and save hundreds of lives every year.

Stolen vehicles

A Security Control Room is automatically alerted if an unauthorized driver starts your car. Stolen vehicles can be tracked quickly, with 90% recovered within 24 hours.

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