Join us at Booth 301 as we attend and sponsor the world’s largest insurance tech and digital innovation summit: InsureTech Connect.

This event offers admission to the most inclusive gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors and insurance industry officials from across the globe. Join forces with over 6,000 attendees, from major brands to the latest modernizers.

Learn from 250 speakers from across the industry with 50+ panels, keynotes and demos. 60% of attendees will consist of c-level executives and founders. 

On October 2nd 11:10 am - 12:00 pm PT, David O'Malley, Chief Revenue Officer, leads our workshop on "Future of Insurance: Evolution of the Telematics Ecosystem" 

As the use cases for connected car data expand, so are the applications for data analytics and understanding of driver behavior. We’ll examine today’s ecosystem and how it needs to evolve to enable the future of insurance and emerging business demands. Gain insight to Octo’s insurance-focused IoT platform as it combines leading global tech innovators such as SAS and Salesforce with Octo’s deep telematics and industry expertise to provision telematics-driven services for auto insurance and beyond. Hear unique perspectives of the key enablers of the future of insurance from a panel of industry experts.

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