Insurance Telematics Resources


Learn how telematics can help your company

Insurance telematics basics

Just getting started with insurance telematics? Learn what telematics is, how it works, and how insurance telematics can help your organization.

Learn Insurance Telematics Basics

Usage-based insurance

Learn how to make the most of usage-based insurance (UBI)–whether you’re launching your first UBI program or looking for information to help you improve your current UBI program.

Learn More About Usage-Based Insurance

Telematics-driven claims

There are major benefits to integrating telematics into your organization’s claims process. Learn how to make the business case for telematics in claims and optimize your claims process through telematics.

Learn How Telematics Ensures Claims Success


Visit our blog for regular updates about the telematics industry, best practices for insurance telematics, and news about Octo.

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Telematics solutions

If you’re interested in bringing a telematics program to your organization, learn more about Octo’s suite of insurance telematics solutions.

Learn About Our Insurance Telematics Solutions

Tomorrow’s Telematics


The insurance industry’s growing adoption of telematics presents an opportunity for innovative carriers, and a risk for those who lag behind. Read this white paper to learn how insurance carriers can leverage telematics beyond usage-based insurance.

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Leveraging Telematics for Claims


Telematics is entering a new age of expanding adoption, changing value propositions, and new opportunities. Adding telematics data to the claims function adds value for personal lines policyholders, commercial lines customers, and for the insurer itself.

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