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Octo equals insurance telematics

Octo pioneered the insurance telematics industry and today is the global market leader


Octo invented Insurance Telematics for Insurance Partners and today is the No.1 choice

We apply the most technically advanced analytics to behavioral, contextual and other telematics data.

We transform how auto insurance companies assess risk, improve the accuracy of crash notification and claims management, while enhancing customer relationships. We apply the most technologically advanced analytics to behavioral, contextual and other telematics data.

We are the innovation partner powering the revolution in insurance. The actionable intelligence that we provide is the basis on which our partners make their most critical business decisions, price risk, manage and pay claims, and look after their customers.

We build the best Risk Assessment Models

Octo analyses a comprehensive set of real-time driving data from connected cars. We enable the dynamic, proactive and more accurate assessment of risk based on the analysis of complex driving and contextual data derived from over than 2,000 parameter combinations. This allows insurers to more accurately reflect the risk of individual drivers in setting premiums.

The Number 1 Insurance Telematics Provider in the World

Octo’s insights and services for insurers are built on the largest global insurance telematics database.

186 billion miles of driving data

438,000 crashes analyzed

5.4 million connected users

16 years’ operating history


Revolutionize Claims Processes

We deliver unrivalled FNOL process re engineering.

Reduce time and resources to process claims using Octo’s automated crash and claims management solutions to provide insurers with data at the time of a crash event changing FNOL reporting from reactive to proactive.

Lower Claims Frequency

We help you reduce claims frequency to increase profitability.

Use more accurate risk profiling of prospective customers to attract lower risk drivers and provide incentives for safer driving for existing policy holders.

Reduce Claims Costs

We make sure you pay claims accurately not approximately.

Octo’s crash and claims management services provide reconstruction of crashes resulting in an improved understanding of the crash to determine liability and responsibility for vehicle damage or personal injury.

Grow your Customer base and improve consumer value proposition

We power the policies that win!

Develop flexible and customizable policies tailored to the needs and driving styles of individual policy holders. Enhance the value proposition with a broader range of services such as stolen vehicle recovery, vehicle diagnostics, driving style feedback and emergency response services.

Transformational loyalty and retention strategies

We enable a conversation with your insured.

Forge more frequent and personalized interaction with policy holders by providing regular communication of driving behavior data, premium discount offers and ultimately create a platform for rewarding loyalty.

Discover the potential… before your competitors do!

Find out more about how Octo can revolutionize your offering, attract customers and increase profits.

Working with the No.1

We invented the industry and we share our expertise with every business partner through exclusive, end-to-end solutions including:

  • Actuarial science
  • Functional analysis to deeply understand and design business solutions and industry requirements
  • Information Technology skills, including best of breed software packages and proprietary software build
  • Device design skills

Octo solutions are modular, so you can pick the elements that best suit your customers’ needs. We help you to design a product based on your business requirements then we help develop it, test it, and when it’s ready, we help you take it to market.

Our Partners

It’s our Partners who have made us the global No. 1 and the most trusted provider of Insurance Telematics Services.

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