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The Link Program provides a cross industry platform for simple and secure sharing of driver telematics data, enabling direct communications between insurers and individual customers. The Link services are informed by driver scoring and contextualised risk analytics collected by Octo U, our direct to consumer driving behaviour app or through our car maker programs. The Link Program has been designed to support any motor insurer, regardless of their interest in telematics.

We designed the Link Program to help insurers face the challenges of digital disruption, providing a low investment entry point to telematics and mobile communications technology. Gartner research has shown that digital leaders in insurance are on average 63% more profitable, than followers.

Create a virtuous B2B2C model

The Link Program helps insurers to:

  • Leverage Octo's profiled and enriched customer base, to promote on your own tailored marketing campaign
  • Profile and interact with prospects through our digital App Octo U
  • Leverage our specialised CRM platform, Octoforce to manage “as a service” marketing campaigns to increase conversion  

We have invested in the Link Platform to assist insurers with acquiring, engaging and retaining new customers along the entire insurance journey. Using our Link Program means that, not only can insurers take advantage of a built-in telematics user base to diversify their portfolios, they can also accelerate their plans to ‘go digital’. This limited participation program delivers acquisition costs that are lower than most current strategies. As part of the agreement we only stipulate that the Octo community of users are offered a discount on the standard rates, based on their driving data, should they ask for a quote.

+ User Connection

The User connection service is an Affinity Program that allows insurers, to advertise to the continually growing Octo consumer base. Insurers are able to:

  • Advertise to the Octo U community of drivers who have opted in for driving behavior monitoring
  • Provide accurate risk assessment and enjoy a competitive advantage on pricing premiums for Octo U drivers that ask for a quote

+ Lead Generation

The Lead Generation service provides qualified and enriched contact lists that can be used by insurers to build and manage new customer acquisition programs.

The program provides crucial insight to plan and launch marketing campaigns speeding up the insurer’s customer acquisition process and making it more efficient in turning prospects into contracts. Marketing initiatives can be directly managed by Octo and the service is fully compliant with privacy rules that safeguard user rights, as consumers have provided their consent to receive advertising communication.

We offer three different service levels to partners: bronze, silver and gold, with corresponding levels of profiling information for drivers, to enable more efficient outreach.

+ User Engagement

User Engagement is designed to speed up the insurer’s customer acquisition process and make it more efficient by turning prospects into contracts through marketing initiatives directly managed by Octo through Octoforce, our specialised CRM platform.

For insurers, this delivers a reduced cost per acquisition and an improved relationship between the insurer and end user, based on more targeted and relevant communications, powered by greater insights collected by Octo U, and leading to better consumer experiences.Octo’s qualified leads database recognizes the diversity in consumer segments and applies the insights to customize the insurer marketing communication through a digital e-mail platform

The Octoforce platform allows for real-time monitoring and follow-up, providing the insurer with a full suite of campaign reporting tools.

+ Telematics Switch

The Telematics Switch service specifically addresses the insurers’ needs following acquisition to improve customer engagement.

This part of the Link program uses the Octo U App for consistent information sharing. This service allows the insurer to nurture the consumer relationship, and creates a path and option to ‘switch’ new and existing customers to telematics based policies, allowing continuous monitoring of driver behaviour and risk assessment.

As the Octo U App is accessible to all smartphone users, it dramatically reduces the barriers to entry for the consumer, as well as providing insurance companies with an agile, low cost and low risk introduction to the telematics world. In this way, the Link Program supports insurance companies in building valuable relationships with policy holders, from the initial downloading of the app to an ongoing relationship that is able to reward safe driving.


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