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The Long Journey of Automotive Innovation

The Long Journey of Automotive Innovation

Comparing Cars If you were to compare children’s drawing of cars over the past century, you might think that nothing ever changed – four wheels, a ...

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IoT World

IoT World (Internet of World/Connected Cars) 05/16-18

Mark your calendars for the largest and most inclusive IoT event in the industry, Internet of Things World. During these informative two days, topics ...

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Technology & Innovation


Machine Learning and the Rise of Smart Cars

In 1950, Alan Turing, widely considered the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, published a seminal paper entitled ...

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US - Guidewire Software announces Octo Telematics as new solution Alliance Partner 2017-02-13 Download
UK - Octo To Provide LV= Broker with Telematics Services 2017-01-11 Download
IT - Octo fornirà servizi telematici completi a LV = Broker, la terza compagnia assicurativa del Regno Unito 2017-01-11 Download
ES - Octo proporcionará servicios telemáticos completos a LV=Broker, una de las aseguradoras líderes en Reino Unido 2017-01-11 Download
UK - Octo Telematics Acquires Leading European Mobility Solutions Car Sharing Company 2016-12-14 Download
IT - Octo Telematics acquisisce Mobility Solutions, azienda leader in Europa nelle soluzioni per il car sharing 2016-12-14 Download
ES - Octo adquiere Mobility Solutions, la compañía líder en Europa de car sharing 2016-12-14 Download
FR - Octo Telematics fait l’acquisition de Mobility Solutions, la société de partage de véhicules leader du marché européen 2016-12-14 Download
DE - Octo Telematics erwirbt führendes europäisches Carsharing-Unternehmen Mobility Solutions 2016-12-14 Download
UK - Octo Calls For Insurance Tax Relief To Encourage Safer Young Drivers 2016-11-23 Download
UK - Octo Telematics launches The Link Program 2016-11-15 Download
ES - Octo Telematics lanza el Programa Link 2016-11-15 Download
IT - InPulse vince il concorso Novità Tecnica 2016 di EIMA Bologna 2016-11-09 Download
UK - Octo Launches Telematics for Drones To Manage Risk, Accidents and Air Traffic 2016-11-02 Download
ES - Octo lanza los drones telemáticos para gestionar riesgos, accidentes y tráfico aéreo 2016-11-02 Download
UK - Octo Supports Safer Driving for Brake’s Road Safety Week 2016 2016-11-01 Download
IT - CRI Bologna e Octo per la telematica applicata ai droni 2016-10-20 Download
US - OCTO North America Releases New Mobile and In-Vehicle Solutions; Doubles UBI Telematics Policies 2016-10-17 Download
UK - Octo Telematics App Puts You In The Driving Seat For Savings On Car Insurance 2016-09-05 Download
UK - Insurance Industry Calls for Tax Relief on Telematics For Younger Drivers 2016-08-10 Download
UK - Octo to enhance CCN cross-border Claims Management Service with market leading telematics solutions 2016-07-14 Download
ES - Octo y CCN firman un acuerdo para mejorar la gestión de riesgos y reclamaciones en la industria aseguradora dentro y fuera de la UE 2016-07-14 Download
IT - Octo e CCN firmano un accordo per migliorare la gestione dei sinistri tramite soluzioni telematiche all'avanguardia 2016-07-14 Download
US - 7 Fourth of July Road Safety Tips from OCTO and Together for Safer Roads 2016-06-29 Download
UK - Octo announces renewal of British MotoGP™ World Championship sponsorship – Octo British Grand Prix 2016-06-15 Download
US - Octo Telematics Partners with Oracle to Bring Java Standardization Protocol to the Connected Car 2016-06-09 Download
US - Octo Launches Insurance Telematics Solution for Fleets in North America 2016-06-08 Download
ES - La aseguradora Balumba utilizará la app telemática Octo U 2016-04-25 Download
US - Octo Telematics North America Establishes Presence in Mexico 2016-04-19 Download
ES - Octo Telematics presenta la solución telemática InPulse 2016-04-12 Download
UK - Octo Telematics launches InPulse telematics solution 2016-04-12 Download
IT - Octo Telematics lancia la soluzione telematica InPulse 2016-04-12 Download
ES - Octo, líder mundial en servicios de seguros telemáticos, participa en la Semana del Seguro 2016-02-23 Download
IT - Octo Telematics sceglie ZTEWelink come provider per ampliare il mercato della Telematica Assicurativa in Europa 2016-02-23 Download
ES - Octo Telematics selecciona a ZTEWelink como proveedor para ampliar el mercado de seguros telemáticos en Europa 2016-02-23 Download
UK - ZTEWelink selected as supplier by Octo Telematics to expand Insurance Telematics market in Europe 2016-02-23 Download
UK - Octo Telematics announces milestone of four million worldwide connected users 2016-01-26 Download
IT - Octo Telematics annuncia il traguardo dei 4 milioni di utenti connessi in tutto il mondo 2016-01-26 Download
ES - Octo Telematics logra cuatro millones de usuarios conectados en todo el mundo 2016-01-26 Download
IT - Collaborazione tra Roma servizi per la Mobilità e Octo Telematics 2016-01-26 Download
IT - Pramac Racing festeggia il 15° anniversario in Moto GP 2016-01-20 Download
UK - Pramac Racing celebrates its 15th anniversary with MotoGP 2016-01-20 Download
ES - Pramac Racing celebra su 15° aniversario en MotoGP 2016-01-20 Download
UK - Insurance app Octo U wins global award 2016-01-14 Download
IT - L'applicazione di telematica assicurativa Octo U vince il global award FWA 2016-01-14 Download
ES - La app Octo U premiada por los FWA como aplicación móvil del día en el mundo 2016-01-14 Download
US - Octo Telematics Partners with The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research 2016-01-04 Download
IT - Octo Telematics ti fa scendere in pista con il simulatore dell’Octo Pramac Racing Team 2015-12-17 Download
ES - Octo U: la app que premia a los buenos conductores 2015-11-06 Download
UK - Octo Telematics partners with GM to provide UBI and fleet services to OnStar customers 2015-11-03 Download
ES - Octo Telematics se asocia con GM para proporcionar servicios de seguros y de renting a sus vehículos conectados con Onstar 2015-11-03 Download
IT - Octo Telematics sigla una partnership con General Motors 2015-11-03 Download
UK - 65,000 consumers take control of their insurance premiums with Octo U smartphone app 2015-10-30 Download
US - Octo Telematics partners with IBM and The Weather Company 2015-10-26 Download
US - Join Octo Telematics and Test Your Driving at NAMIC Annual Convention 2015-09-22 Download
IT - Octo Telematics lancia sul mercato europeo “Octo Rider 2V” 2015-09-11 Download
US - Octo Telematics Hits One Million User Mark in North America for Usage Based Insurance 2015-09-01 Download
IT - Octo Telematics presenta Octo U 2015-09-01 Download
UK - Octo Telematics launches new driving app 2015-09-01 Download
ES - Octo Telematics lanza una app gratuita que recompensa a los buenos conductores 2015-09-01 Download
US - Octo Telematics to showcase “UBI in a Box” at Insurance Telematics USA 2015 2015-08-25 Download
IT - Allianz e OctoCam partner di Eni-Enjoy per la sicurezza dello scooter sharing a Milano 2015-07-15 Download
IT - Octo Telematics è il nuovo title sponsor del Gran Premio Silverstone di Moto GP 2015-06-04 Download
EN - Octo Telematics announced as title sponsor for British MotoGP™ round 2015-06-04 Download
EN - MotoGP racing team, Pramac, signs Octo Telematics as new title sponsor 2015-05-27 Download
IT - Octo Telematics diventa title sponsor del Pramac Racing Team 2015-05-27 Download
ES - Rueda de prensa - Presentación Octo Rider 1 2015-05-19 Download
US - Octo Telematics Releases Try&Drive 2015-05-05 Download
BR - Andrea Ciccotti to talk about how to build a lucrative telematics business 2014-08-04 Download

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