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Disruptive vs. Sustaining Innovation

“Disruptive innovation” is the holy grail of the modern business world. It’s a term that has been full-heartedly embraced by tech media. And, ...

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Next event: AAIS 4/8-10

The AAIS Main Event provides the opportunity for insurance and risk professionals to collaborate with industry experts, thought leaders, and informed ...

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Technology & Innovation

The Urban Future

Our cities have become hotbeds of technology. Smart city infrastructure is – or will very soon be – connected to intelligent vehicles and millions of ...

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Omoove launches its carsharing platform, Sharemine, the ‘AirBnB for Cars’ in The Sun 2017-10-18 Open
Insurance Business talks to Jonathan Hewett about the impact of driverless cars on insurance premiums 2017-08-31 Open
Octo talks about the danger and cost of distracted driving in The Sun 2017-08-29 Open
Octo looks at how telematics can improve businesses in The Daily Telegraph 2017-08-22 Open
Andrew Lee discusses how automated cars will maintain themselves in IoT Now 2017-08-21 Open
FT Money goes under the bonnet and investigates exactly how motor insurance costs can be reduced with telematics 2017-08-10 Open

Press Releases

UK - Octo Telematics leadership acquires 20% stake from Renova – Renova ownership below 50% 2018-04-13 Download
IT - Il Presidente e l’Amministratore Delegato di Octo Telematics acquistano il 20% di azioni da Renova 2018-04-13 Download
UK - Octo Telematics partners with RCI Bank and Services to provide global telematics data analysis for vehicles 2018-03-20 Download
IT - Octo Telematics partner di RCI Bank and Services per fornire analisi telematiche globali dei veicoli 2018-03-20 Download
ES - Octo Telematics se asocia con RCI Bank and Services para suministrar análisis de datos telemáticos mundiales para vehículos 2018-03-20 Download
DE - Octo Telematics kooperiert mit RCI Bank and Services bei der Bereitstellung globaler Telematikdatenanalysen für Fahrzeuge 2018-03-20 Download
UK - Octo Telematics provides telematics solutions for Car & Away’s New London Gatwick Airport carsharing scheme 2018-03-14 Download
IT - Octo Telematics annuncia la sponsorizzazione della onlus “Di. Di. Diversamente Disabili” e presenta al Motodays di Roma il campionato italiano "Octo Bridgestone Cup” 2018-03-09 Download
UK - IDEMIA and Octo Telematics reinvent Car Sharing experience by adding facial recognition to EasyOpen solution 2018-02-26 Download
IT - IDEMIA e Octo Telematics reinventano l’esperienza del Car Sharing integrando il riconoscimento facciale alla soluzione EasyOpen 2018-02-26 Download
UK - Octo Telematics participating in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2018-02-26 Download
ES - Octo Telematics participa en el Mobile World Congress de Barcelona 2018-02-26 Download
IT - Octo Telematics partecipa al Mobile World Congress di Barcellona 2018-02-26 Download
UK - Octo Telematics to showcase its “Next Generation Platform” at Semana del Seguro 2018-02-12 Download
ES - Octo Telematics presentará su Plataforma “Next Generation” en la Semana del Seguro 2018-02-12 Download
IT - Octo Telematics presenterà la sua “Next Generation Platform” alla Semana del Seguro 2018-02-12 Download
UK - UK telematics users save over £160 million on car insurance premiums in 2017 2017-12-20 Download
UK - Octo Extend Telematics Insurance to Point of Sale as Autonet Connects to New Platform 2017-12-12 Download
UK - Octo Telematics completes acquisition of Willis Towers Watson UBI assets 2017-12-04 Download
IT - Octo Telematics formalizza l’acquisizione degli asset UBI di Willis Towers Watson 2017-12-04 Download
ES - Octo Telematics completa la adquisición de los activos UBI de Willis Towers Watson 2017-12-04 Download
US - Octo Telematics Surpasses Three Million UBI Telematics Policies in North America 2017-11-20 Download
US - Octo Telematics completes platform-to-platform integration of digital telematics solution with Guidewire PolicyCenter® 2017-11-13 Download
ES - Octo Telematics completa la integración “plataforma a plataforma” de su solución de telemática con Guidewire PolicyCenter® 2017-11-13 Download
UK - Octo Telematics publishes Accelerating Digital Transformation in Insurance Newsletter featuring Gartner research 2017-11-06 Download
UK - Omoove embraces the sharing economy with Sharemine 2017-10-19 Download
UK - Octo Telematics to acquire UBI assets of Willis Towers Watson and will partner with them on insurance-related products 2017-10-11 Download
IT - Octo Telematics acquisisce gli asset di Willis Towers Watson relativi all'UBI e stringerà una partnership dedicata ai prodotti assicurativi 2017-10-11 Download
ES - Octo Telematics adquiere los activos UBI de Willis Towers Watson y anuncia que juntos desarrollarán productos de seguros conectados 2017-10-11 Download
UK - Octo Telematics named in Gartner case study 2017-10-05 Download
IT - Octo nominata tra i casi studio di Gartner 2017-10-05 Download
ES - Octo Telematics nombrado en un caso de estudio de Gartner 2017-10-05 Download
US - Octo Telematics Releases ‘Glimpse Plus’ Digital Telematics Solution for Insurance Providers 2017-09-05 Download
US - Octo Telematics and Agero Partner to Deliver Superior Accident Management Services 2017-08-30 Download
UK - Distracted driving cost UK drivers over £10.8 million in 2016 2017-08-29 Download
UK - Whoosnap partners with Octo Telematics to streamline insurance photography via new Insoore application 2017-08-25 Download
IT - Whoosnap partner di Octo Telematics per fornire foto assicurative attraverso la nuova app Insoore 2017-08-25 Download
ES - Whoosnap se asocia con Octo Telematics para proveer fotografías de seguros online con la app Insoore 2017-08-25 Download
US - Ana Seguros Chooses Octo Telematics For Fleet Telematics 2017-08-24 Download
ES - Ana Seguros elige a Octo Telematics para la flota telemática 2017-08-24 Download
UK - Octo Telematics Launches New Internet of Things Insurance Platform 2017-07-11 Download
IT - Octo Telematics lancia una nuova piattaforma IoT per l'assicurazione 2017-07-11 Download
ES - Octo Telematics lanza la plataforma de seguros IoT “Next Generation” 2017-07-11 Download
UK - Omoove unveils Sharemine shared mobility platform for micro- small- and medium operators 2017-06-29 Download
IT - Omoove presenta Sharemine, la piattaforma web di Shared Mobility per micro, piccoli e medi operatori 2017-07-03 Download
ES - Omoove presenta la plataforma de movilidad compartida Sharemine para operadores micro, pequeños y medianos 2017-06-29 Download
US - Octo Telematics Wins Best Insurance Telematics Product or Service of The Year 2017-06-07 Download
UK - Octo Telematics announces milestone of five million cars connected worldwide 2017-05-25 Download
IT - Octo Telematics ha annunciato il raggiungimento di 5 milioni di auto connesse nel mondo 2017-05-25 Download
ES - Octo Telematics anuncia el logro de 5 millones de coches conectados en el mundo 2017-05-25 Download
US - Octo Telematics promotes safer driving with Distracted Driving Score 2017-04-25 Download
UK - OT and Octo Telematics revolutionize car sharing with EasyOpen by Omoove 2017-02-21 Download
IT - OT e Octo Telematics rivoluzionano il car sharing con EasyOpen di Omoove 2017-02-21 Download
ES - Oberthur Technologies y Octo Telematics revolucionan el car sharing con EasyOpen de Omoove 2017-02-21 Download
US - Guidewire Software announces Octo Telematics as new solution Alliance Partner 2017-02-13 Download
UK - Octo To Provide LV= Broker with Telematics Services 2017-01-11 Download
IT - Octo fornirà servizi telematici completi a LV = Broker, la terza compagnia assicurativa del Regno Unito 2017-01-11 Download
ES - Octo proporcionará servicios telemáticos completos a LV=Broker, una de las aseguradoras líderes en Reino Unido 2017-01-11 Download
UK - Octo Telematics Acquires Leading European Mobility Solutions Car Sharing Company 2016-12-14 Download
IT - Octo Telematics acquisisce Mobility Solutions, azienda leader in Europa nelle soluzioni per il car sharing 2016-12-14 Download
ES - Octo adquiere Mobility Solutions, la compañía líder en Europa de car sharing 2016-12-14 Download
FR - Octo Telematics fait l’acquisition de Mobility Solutions, la société de partage de véhicules leader du marché européen 2016-12-14 Download
DE - Octo Telematics erwirbt führendes europäisches Carsharing-Unternehmen Mobility Solutions 2016-12-14 Download
UK - Octo Calls For Insurance Tax Relief To Encourage Safer Young Drivers 2016-11-23 Download
UK - Octo Telematics launches The Link Program 2016-11-15 Download
ES - Octo Telematics lanza el Programa Link 2016-11-15 Download
IT - InPulse vince il concorso Novità Tecnica 2016 di EIMA Bologna 2016-11-09 Download
UK - Octo Launches Telematics for Drones To Manage Risk, Accidents and Air Traffic 2016-11-02 Download
ES - Octo lanza los drones telemáticos para gestionar riesgos, accidentes y tráfico aéreo 2016-11-02 Download
UK - Octo Supports Safer Driving for Brake’s Road Safety Week 2016 2016-11-01 Download
IT - CRI Bologna e Octo per la telematica applicata ai droni 2016-10-20 Download
US - OCTO North America Releases New Mobile and In-Vehicle Solutions; Doubles UBI Telematics Policies 2016-10-17 Download
UK - Insurance Industry Calls for Tax Relief on Telematics For Younger Drivers 2016-08-10 Download
UK - Octo Telematics App Puts You In The Driving Seat For Savings On Car Insurance 2016-09-05 Download
UK - Octo to enhance CCN cross-border Claims Management Service with market leading telematics solutions 2016-07-14 Download
ES - Octo y CCN firman un acuerdo para mejorar la gestión de riesgos y reclamaciones en la industria aseguradora dentro y fuera de la UE 2016-07-14 Download
IT - Octo e CCN firmano un accordo per migliorare la gestione dei sinistri tramite soluzioni telematiche all'avanguardia 2016-07-14 Download
US - 7 Fourth of July Road Safety Tips from OCTO and Together for Safer Roads 2016-06-29 Download
UK - Octo announces renewal of British MotoGP™ World Championship sponsorship – Octo British Grand Prix 2016-06-15 Download
US - Octo Telematics Partners with Oracle to Bring Java Standardization Protocol to the Connected Car 2016-06-09 Download
US - Octo Launches Insurance Telematics Solution for Fleets in North America 2016-06-08 Download
ES - La aseguradora Balumba utilizará la app telemática Octo U 2016-04-25 Download
US - Octo Telematics North America Establishes Presence in Mexico 2016-04-19 Download
ES - Octo Telematics presenta la solución telemática InPulse 2016-04-12 Download
UK - Octo Telematics launches InPulse telematics solution 2016-04-12 Download
IT - Octo Telematics lancia la soluzione telematica InPulse 2016-04-12 Download
ES - Octo, líder mundial en servicios de seguros telemáticos, participa en la Semana del Seguro 2016-02-23 Download
IT - Octo Telematics sceglie ZTEWelink come provider per ampliare il mercato della Telematica Assicurativa in Europa 2016-02-23 Download
ES - Octo Telematics selecciona a ZTEWelink como proveedor para ampliar el mercado de seguros telemáticos en Europa 2016-02-23 Download
UK - ZTEWelink selected as supplier by Octo Telematics to expand Insurance Telematics market in Europe 2016-02-23 Download
UK - Octo Telematics announces milestone of four million worldwide connected users 2016-01-26 Download
IT - Octo Telematics annuncia il traguardo dei 4 milioni di utenti connessi in tutto il mondo 2016-01-26 Download
ES - Octo Telematics logra cuatro millones de usuarios conectados en todo el mundo 2016-01-26 Download
IT - Collaborazione tra Roma servizi per la Mobilità e Octo Telematics 2016-01-26 Download
IT - Pramac Racing festeggia il 15° anniversario in Moto GP 2016-01-20 Download
UK - Pramac Racing celebrates its 15th anniversary with MotoGP 2016-01-20 Download
ES - Pramac Racing celebra su 15° aniversario en MotoGP 2016-01-20 Download
UK - Insurance app Octo U wins global award 2016-01-14 Download
IT - L'applicazione di telematica assicurativa Octo U vince il global award FWA 2016-01-14 Download
ES - La app Octo U premiada por los FWA como aplicación móvil del día en el mundo 2016-01-14 Download
US - Octo Telematics Partners with The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research 2016-01-04 Download
IT - Octo Telematics ti fa scendere in pista con il simulatore dell’Octo Pramac Racing Team 2015-12-17 Download
ES - Octo U: la app que premia a los buenos conductores 2015-11-06 Download
UK - Octo Telematics partners with GM to provide UBI and fleet services to OnStar customers 2015-11-03 Download
ES - Octo Telematics se asocia con GM para proporcionar servicios de seguros y de renting a sus vehículos conectados con Onstar 2015-11-03 Download
IT - Octo Telematics sigla una partnership con General Motors 2015-11-03 Download
UK - 65,000 consumers take control of their insurance premiums with Octo U smartphone app 2015-10-30 Download
US - Octo Telematics partners with IBM and The Weather Company 2015-10-26 Download
US - Join Octo Telematics and Test Your Driving at NAMIC Annual Convention 2015-09-22 Download
IT - Octo Telematics lancia sul mercato europeo “Octo Rider 2V” 2015-09-11 Download
US - Octo Telematics Hits One Million User Mark in North America for Usage Based Insurance 2015-09-01 Download
IT - Octo Telematics presenta Octo U 2015-09-01 Download
UK - Octo Telematics launches new driving app 2015-09-01 Download
ES - Octo Telematics lanza una app gratuita que recompensa a los buenos conductores 2015-09-01 Download
US - Octo Telematics to showcase “UBI in a Box” at Insurance Telematics USA 2015 2015-08-25 Download
IT - Allianz e OctoCam partner di Eni-Enjoy per la sicurezza dello scooter sharing a Milano 2015-07-15 Download
IT - Octo Telematics è il nuovo title sponsor del Gran Premio Silverstone di Moto GP 2015-06-04 Download
EN - Octo Telematics announced as title sponsor for British MotoGP™ round 2015-06-04 Download
EN - MotoGP racing team, Pramac, signs Octo Telematics as new title sponsor 2015-05-27 Download
IT - Octo Telematics diventa title sponsor del Pramac Racing Team 2015-05-27 Download
ES - Rueda de prensa - Presentación Octo Rider 1 2015-05-19 Download
US - Octo Telematics Releases Try&Drive 2015-05-05 Download
BR - Andrea Ciccotti to talk about how to build a lucrative telematics business 2014-08-04 Download

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