Telematics and the Internet of Things (IoT) have profoundly revolutionised the automotive insurance sector by providing insurers with powerful insight not only into vehicle performance and status, but also into the behaviours, driving styles and risks habitually taken by individual drivers.

On February 13, Octo Telematics sponsored a webinar on the development of its IoT-based Next Generation Platform, a cutting-edge solution that integrates telematics capability with the pervasive reach of the Internet of Things.

The event was a success with over 750 attendees keen to learn from Jonathan Hewett, CMO Octo Telematics, who led the discussion on the Next Generation Platform. Hewett explained the platform’s data management and analytics infrastructure, the use of machine learning to analyse risk and driving behaviour and how Octo processes and analyses data from 5.4 million connected cars daily.

“The Next Generation Platform is a truly unique offering, merging the flexibility and openness of a horizontal IoT framework with the go-to-market readiness of vertical-business applications. Therefore, providing current and prospective partners with the best of both worlds and democratizing access to valuable data analytics to drive further innovation of services for the insurance industry," Mr. Hewett explained.

Octo Telematics, a leading global provider of telematics and data analytics solutions for the auto insurance industry, has more than 5.4 million connected users and the largest global database of telematics data, with over 186 billion miles of driving data collected and 438,000 crashes and insurance events analysed.

The webinar was sponsored by Octo Telematics and Ovum. This webinar was the first in the Octo-Partner webinar series. More to come soon!

Missed the webinar? Catch up below.

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