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Better insurance through IoT

Octo’s insurance IoT platform is custom built to help insurers effectively leverage IoT data across business lines. It blends the benefits of an end-to-end IoT platform with dedicated vertical use cases that span the complete insurance value chain. This unique approach is how we deliver solutions that are transforming the insurance industry.

Addressing critical insurance challenges through IoT


Insurance carriers today are already leveraging the power of IoT to drive improvements in core lines of business. Insurers are augmenting their mature auto telematics programs with forays into IoT for home, health, and workers' compensation insurance. Across all business lines, IoT can help insurers improve their risk management, mitigate claims, improve claim management, and engage customers more effectively.

Improved risk assessment

IoT data enables a step-change improvement in risk assessment over traditional factors. By combining the IoT data and advanced analytical capabilities provided by the platform with traditional factors and claims data, insurers can create new risk assessment models that are far more predictive than traditional models.

Enhanced claims management

Insurance IoT is critical for improving claims outcomes. Near-real-time data processing enables claims event detection and proactive first notice of loss while advanced analytics allow for event reconstruction and fraud prevention. IoT data changes the claims paradigm, drives down costs, and improves customer satisfaction.

Better customer engagement

IoT data provides unprecedented insight into consumer behaviors. With the right tools, insurers can leverage these insights to offer truly individualized products that stand out in the market. Powerful, behavior-based engagement tools allow insurers to create personalized interactions that lead to higher retention.

The complexity of increasingly connected insurance


Each new connected insurance product and connected line of business adds new sensors, new applications, and new processes that carriers need to support. Outsourced IoT point solutions can add additional complexity and missed value as critical steps in the process such as data collection, analytics, and logistics are managed by the vendor.


The challenges of a business-line approach to connected insurance


Fragmented customer data

Point solutions and business-line specific IoT strategy leads to data silos both within lines of business and between lines of business, minimizing cross-vertical benefits.


Higher IT costs

Point solutions lead to the creation of additional teams to support connected insurance products within lines of business, leading to missed process and logistics efficiencies.


Siloed insurance IoT strategy

Line of business-level connected insurance strategy restricts opportunities for cross-business line pricing, claims management, and customer engagement.


Ineffective analyticss

Disparate data storage, complex integrations, and data transformation challenges create barriers to deriving actionable insight and real value from enterprise analytics.


Restricted innovation

Data, product strategy, and process silos lock IoT data into individual lines of business, restricting cross-business line pricing, claims, and customer engagement innovations.

Insurance IoT platform overview

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PlatformCustomerRiskClaimsAnalyticsIoT HubPaaS
IoT & Data Management Hub

Octo's IoT and data management hub enables insurers to ingest and store IoT data from diverse sensors and facilities the effective management of sensors across vendors and linse of business.

  • Ingest, store, and host IoT data from virtually any source
  • Normalize, enrich, and contextualize data
  • Securely manage and update IoT sensors
Platform & PaaS Engine

Octo's Platform and PaaS Engine enables custom application and analytics development as well as pre-built 3rd-party integrations for platform extensibility.

  • Extend platform value through custom cloud development
  • Leverage platform tools and data for custom analytics
  • Integrate platform data with core systems and partners
Risk Management

Improve risk assessment, segementation, and pricing capabilities with pre-built or custom business-line specific risk scores.

  • Go to market with OCto's approved predictive risk score
  • Enhance or develop your risk score using integrated analytics tools
  • Discover and share powerful insights with visual analytics
Claims Management

Improve claims outcomes, real-time event management services, and customer satisfaction through business-line specific event detection and management applications.

  • Detect and validate vehicle accidents in near real time
  • Improve satisfaction while reducing claims costs and time
  • Expedite repair and combat fraud with crash analytics
Analytics & Marketplace

Conduct advanced data analysis and leverage the data marketplace model across lines of business.

  • Build custom insurance IoT data marketplaces for any line of business
  • Leverage advanced analytics tools for IoT and core systems data
Customer Management

Mitigate risks through personalized risk-reducing feedback and improve relationships with partners, agents, and policyholders using behavior-based engagement tools.

  • Engage customers through pre-built or custom digital apps
  • Automate communication across B2B/B2C audiences
  • Deliver seamlessness across marketing, sales, and service

Platform benefits



Built for the cloud, Octo's platform provides the flexibility, scalability, security, and efficiency you need for an enterprise-level solution, without the infrastructure cost.


Fully modular

Each module can be leveraged individually or as part of the comprehensive platform, allowing you to leverage your in-house solutions or Octo's as needed.



Our partner ecosystem, APIs, and platform development tools allow you to extend the value of the platform as you explore new use cases and connect new lines of business.


Insurance specific

Our platform provides the power of a horizontal IoT solution and the insurance-specific applications needed to improve risk assessment, manage claims, and engage policyholders.


Sensor agnostic

New IoT-based products and connected lines of business add complexity to your device strategy. Octo's platform is fully device-agnostic, allowing us to ingest data from any source.

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