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Enabling core platform analytics and new business models

Integrated analytics for improved business outcomes


Maximizing the value of connected insurance requires world-class analytics. Reporting and dashboarding tools provide insurers with insights into their connected insurance platform to help them manage programs more effectively. Advanced analytics tools provide the modelling and analysis capabilities insurers need to develop new uses for their connected insurance data.

Analytics & Marketplace Engine
Monitor and report effectively

Leverage reporting and dashboarding tools to get clarity into program health and performance. Pre-built best practice reports and custom report-building functionalities reduce time-to-value for connected insurance reporting and monitoring.

Analytics & Marketplace Engine
Develop custom analytics

A strong analytics toolkit is critical to the effective use of IoT data. Octo's platform includes an analytics development environment to help you develop new predictive models for use in risk assessment, event detection, and customer management.

Analytics & Marketplace Engine
Monetize insurance IoT data

Insurers can partner with third parties to monetize their connected insurance program through a data exchange model. Data collected or exchanged via the marketplace can leverage other platform use cases to further enhance value of connected insurance data.

Analytics & marketplace engine overview


Key features

Analytics & Marketplace EngineReporting and dashboarding:Create and deploy reports on any data available in the platform
Analytics & Marketplace EngineAnalytics development environment: Perform in-depth analysis on platform and third-party data.
Analytics & Marketplace EngineData exchange: Connect raw and analyzed platform data to third party systems and monetize the exchange of connected insurance data.


Analytics & Marketplace EngineCreate management dashboards to monitor the health and performance of insurance programs.
Analytics & Marketplace EngineIdentify target policyholder population segments for new connected insurance products.
Analytics & Marketplace EngineConnect with connected home sensor providers to identify potential low-risk policyholders and make insurance offers via a marketplace model.

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