Device Management


Improving IoT device management and logistics

A more efficient way to manage smart devices


Managing diverse smart devices from multiple vendors across each line of business requires complex management and logistics systems. Even when vendors manage device logistics, insurers need a system to update devices and associate them to customers. The device management system provides the set of tools insurers need for smart device management and logistics.

Device and Logistics Management System
More efficient logistics

Getting smart devices to consumers is a complex challenge by itself. Some vendors will manage device logistics internally, some smart devices are a consumer purchase, and others need to be managed by the carrier. Our platform manages smart device logistics services such as sensor stocking, delivery, return, and deactivation.

Device and Logistics Management System
Native device portfolio

In addition to integrating with third-party sensors and vendors, our platform natively supports a full suite of IoT sensors for vehicles, homes, and individuals. Our platform can support existing sensor strategies, augment smart device portfolios, and help carriers explore innovative new IoT device strategies.

Device and Logistics Management System
Better device management

As the applications for IoT devices evolve and new capabilities are required by consumers, carriers need to be able to manage their device portfolio effectively. Our platform enables carriers to connect policyholders with smart devices, manage those devices securely, and update those devices over the air.

Device management system overview


Key features

Device and Logistics Management SystemDevice portfolio: Ingest data with devices-as-a-service from Octo, a 3rd party, or use your own devices.
Device and Logistics Management SystemDevice management: Securely manage and update devices via platform-included telecom.
Device and Logistics Management SystemDevice logistics Manage sensor stock, delivery, return, and deactivation from within the platform.


Device and Logistics Management SystemSend both home and auto smart devices for an umbrella policy to a policyholder.
Device and Logistics Management SystemProvide detailed sensor installation instructions to policyholders based on device type, vehicle make, and model.
Device and Logistics Management SystemTrigger secure over-the-air updates of connected devices to adjust device specifications.

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