Digital Customer Management


Leveraging IoT to help insurers engage customers

Develop better relationships with policyholders


Insurance carriers engage with their customers less frequently than almost any other industry. This lack of engagement leads to lower retention, decreased satisfaction, and missed opportunities to help customers actively participate in risk reduction. Our platform allows insurers to translate IoT data into automated, personalized engagements that drive positive business outcomes.

Digital Customer Management
Increase engagement

A industry-wide lack of engagement is leading to high rates of customer churn and low customer satisfaction. Octo's platform allows you to create automated, personalized communications that respond to individual behaviors. These helpful, positive micro-engagements help insurers become a more active part of their insureds' life.

Digital Customer Management
Mitigate risk

Insurance IoT data can be used to identify safe or risky behavior and provide feedback to policyholders in the moment. Safe behavior can be reinforced via loyalty, rewards, and gamification programs while risky behaviors can trigger tips to avoid dangerous intersections, turn on your home security system, or exercise more.

Digital Customer Management
Increase satisfaction

IoT data gives unprecedented insights into policyholders and their behaviors. Deeper knowledge of customer behavior leads to better interactions and increases satisfaction. Insight into asset or policyholder behavior during a loss event can lead to significantly improved claims process, critical to overall customer satisfaction.

Digital customer management suite overview


Key features

Digital Customer ManagementModular end-user interface: Leverage almost any web or mobile application (including Octo’s) as an IoT user interface.
Digital Customer ManagementAutomation tools: Automate personalized, timely communication across B2B/B2C audiences using CRM tools.
Digital Customer ManagementEngagement tools: Deliver seamless contextual touchpoints across marketing, sales, and service.


Digital Customer ManagementCreate your own application to leverage IoT and policyholder data to improve customer engagement.
Digital Customer ManagementGo to market with a custom risk score based on driving behaviors, habits, and policy data.
Digital Customer ManagementDevelop custom IoT event detection algorithms for connected smoke detectors, wearables, and drones.

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