Platform and Platform-as-a-Service Engine


Extending the value of insurance IoT through custom development

Develop innovative applications for insurance IoT


The applications of IoT data for insurance are almost unlimited. As insurers identify new uses for IoT and adjust to consumer preferences, they need the ability to develop new applications and use cases. Octo's platform provides insurers with development environments to create new platform applications, connect to third party applications, and develop new analytical models.

Platform and Analytics Development Engine
Develop custom applications

Future-proof your IoT strategy by developing innovative new insurance IoT applications not native to Octo's platform. Octo's platform includes an application development environment to help you extend platform capabilities and build new use cases.

Platform and Analytics Development Engine
Develop custom analytics

A strong analytics toolkit is critical to the effective use of IoT data. Octo's platform includes an analytics development environment to help you develop new predictive models for use in risk assessment, event detection, and customer management.

Platform and Analytics Development Engine
Connect to anything

The value of Octo's platform is extended through integrations with our partners. The platform and analytics development module includes pre-built connectors with leading insurance service providers and a robust API for connecting with core insurance systems.

Platform and analytics development engine overview


Key features

Platform and Analytics Development EnginePlatform development environment: Build new applications and extend platform applications through custom cloud development.
Platform and Analytics Development EngineAnalytics development environment: Develop new analytical models for pricing and event detection with enterprise-level tools.
Platform and Analytics Development EngineBusiness connectors: Integrate third parties applications and core business systems with Octo's platform.


Platform and Analytics Development EngineCreate your own application to leverage IoT and policyholder data to improve customer engagement.
Platform and Analytics Development EngineGo to market with a custom risk score based on driving behaviors, habits, and policy data.
Platform and Analytics Development EngineDevelop custom IoT event detection algorithms for connected smoke detectors, wearables, and drones.

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