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Everything starts from data. OCTO collects, processes and delivers.

Real Life Applications

OCTO is ready to offer innovative technological solutions directly to customers in their daily routine.

Insurance Telematics

Innovation doesn’t adapt to static models.

OCTO offers insurers a new dynamic approach to their business, based on objective and real-time risk data; consumers move from final users to key players of the insurance offer.

The added value is noticeable both on offer and demand side: risk prediction, damage analysis and drivers’ behavior, together with scoring models, permit a more personalized risk assessment that engage users, reduce costs and simplify claim management.

Smart Mobility

More consciousness brings rise to a smarter mobility.

Thanks to the on-board supervision, OCTO’s Telematics platform is able to plan routine maintenance and to anticipate vehicles’ needs. Fleet management can benefit from more detailed diagnostic work.

In addition, related functionalities cover a full spectrum of services, while interfaces, devices and software enable the management of a renting and vehicle sharing process, from enrollment to billing.

Smart Analytics

People are part of the environment they’re driving through.

OCTO opens the way to a flowing collection of Mobility Data, which enables the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

From fixed devices to an adaptive model, OCTO defines a proxy of human activities, enlarging the definition of human models: these include drivers’ behaviour that can be used for consumers’ analysis.

Digital Journey

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey

OCTO supports customization of the app. The users’ profile can include different services with different features, including scoring and driving behavior as well as gamification setting and loyalty profiling.

Thanks to CRM Salesforce integration, drivers’ journey passes through social, family and business.


OCTO’s offer covers the full spectrum of devices for complete mobility monitoring.
From easy to professional installation, on an app or with on board plug-in, each device is the result of how OCTO has been able to develop and deliver the best version of telematics through hardware and software.

Real Life Application

OCTO has always been an innovator, a company prompt to commit to developing and enhancing the application of telematics amongst Automotive industries and its customers. Today, the step forward in a fast-paced environment is to speak directly to the customers. OCTO is achieving it through innovative products developed on the basis of the successful business solutions provided over the years while making the end users’ “real life” better as well.


We offer a selection of easy install devices and an app to provide everything you need to always be connected, safe and assisted.

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