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    OCTO KeyLess

    Building customer trust and retention, protecting the car drivers.

    What is it?

    OCTO KeyLess is a proprietary technology allowing users/operators to lock and unlock vehicle doors without touching a remote key.

    Remote entry is replaced with the users personal smartphone. This can be replicated to multiple parties (e.g. other users, service centres, repairers) that need safe contactless access to the vehicle.

    Key benefits

    OCTO KeyLess:

    • covers a variety of vehicle makes and models, thanks to the OBDII/EOBD port
    • avoids any interference with the vehicle’s circuits
    • maintains the vehicle’s warranty
    • can be fitted on vehicles with minimum installation time and de-installation is easy.

    OCTO SharePro

    Small, easy to install, flexible I/O, includes a power backup. It consists of a multi-processor core with integrated accelerometer and gyroscope, Bluetooth Low Energy, GMS/GPRS Modem, Multi-Constellation GPS Receiver with integrated antennas.

    Length: 30 mm Width: 30 mm
    Height: 12 mm Weight: 14 g

    The new normal. Let’s shape the future together.

    OCTO for the new normal is also

    OCTO AroundMe

    An OCTO SmartTag-based solution available to companies for managing the entrance of individuals to public or private spaces, in full compliance with the extraordinary restrictions requiring each of us to maintain a 2-meter distance from other people in the same area.

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    OCTO PurePlace

    An on-board sanitiser device coupled with an OCTO OBD device using the most advanced electrochemical technique to sanitise a vehicle after each use and manage the sanitising process without human intervention through extensive reporting features.

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    Mobility DataLab

    Mobility DataLab, the modular platform that analyzes and displays the use of light and heavy vehicles.

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    OCTO Other Products

    Discover the wide range of products and solutions that OCTO offers to different kind of industries and customers.

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