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    Technology is Octo’s fuel. We grew up learning how to become smaller, through our devices, faster, useful and irreplaceable.

    Intelligent Data Device Interpreter

    The Data Device Interpreter (DDI) concept is applied when it is necessary to integrate generic third-party on-field devices with the Octo IoT Hub. The DDI is a software layer that makes wide use of AI and machine learning, in order to automatically infer the device data model.

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    Data Management

    Today, data is the engine of that big universe represented by technology.

    There can’t be progression and development without capable management of this huge amount of information that has been collected in many different ways.

    Octo has proven itself to be capable of handling it in order to make it valuable and profitable for its partners’ businesses

    Business Process Management

    Octo has business relationships with over 100 partners and many years of experience in providing actionable intelligence for business solutions.

    Performing as a leader in an increasingly connected world, Octo offers a data analytics service based on real-time data which can innovate and optimize business process.

    Its products and services, which leverage machine learning and AI to analyze IoT data, permit automotive industries to explore additional schemes of their business models and empower their offer to end users.


    Octo’s offer covers the full spectrum of devices for complete mobility monitoring.

    From easy to professional installation, on an app or with on board plug-in, each device is the result of how Octo has been able to develop and deliver the best version of telematics through hardware and software.

    API & SDK

    Application Programming Interfaces and Software Development Kits are extremely important tools that have permitted Octo to foster a simplified development ecosystem and to build strong connections with the companies and industries with which it works.

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    Tomorrow’s Telematics for the Insurance Industry

    Learn how telematics will change the auto insurance landscape.

    About this paper

    Rapid growth in insurance telematics is expected over the next few years. This growth presents an opportunity for innovative insurance carriers, and a risk for those who lag behind.

    This white paper is ideal for mid- to senior-level insurance carrier executives who are interested in expanding this use of telematics beyond usage-based insurance.

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