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    Intelligent Data Device Interpreter

    Machine learning fine-tuning

    The power of DDI

    Generally, a third-party device works with its own embedded software and telco transport protocol and cannot fit “as is” with the internal platform data model.
    The DDI software layer, at the platform border, automatically dismounts the data flow and remounts it in a way that can be easily processed inside the Octo platform.

    The DDI main functions are: data evaluation and reformatting; expanding/decoding cryptic data; distillation/reduction to minimize the data impact on the higher-level processing system; assessment (whether data represents a threshold or an alert) and data entity attribution; abstraction of certain conceptual entities.

    Learning from data

    The DDI layer is able to learn from data along both a horizontal and a vertical dimension automatically: it progressively builds up a complete data model element mapping between the third-party model and the Octo internal platform model; it exploits the information already accrued with a certain sensor scheme for a different sensor scheme implemented by another third-party.

    Therefore, through data inference, the DDI implements machine learning schemes.

    Technologies is also

    API and SDK

    API and SDK are extremely important tools that have permitted Octo to foster a simplified development ecosystem and to build strong connections within its realm.

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