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Car Rental and Large Fleets

Octo provides a white labeled fleet telematics solution companies can use to monitor vehicles in real time. Fully integrated telematics data and Octo’s proven analytics provide the intelligence to increase efficiency, improve driver performance, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Partner with your customers to lower fleet costs and increase profits

Maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profits

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your large fleet using Octo’s telematics and fleet management solutions. We help companies reduce fuel consumption, improve driver safety, and limit unauthorized asset utilization by leveraging location and driver behavior data. These services can be provided to your customers in a branded management console and driver interface.

  • Know where your vehicles are at all times, from anywhere
  • Serve customers better with accurate and intelligent logistics
  • Improve driver safety and prevent accidents using contextual driving behavior data

Improve operations with a fleet management console

Our interactive fleet management console provides vehicle and driver behavior data at the individual, fleet segment, or entire fleet level. The console helps locate vehicles, monitor performance, and support drivers using real time location, usage, and vehicle health data. Octo makes it easy to brand the management console and provide it directly to your customers, helping improve client engagement and adding substantial value to your services.

  • Manage vehicles, costs, and maintenance
  • Improve driver behavior
  • Provide roadside, emergency, and crash support to drivers

Monitor the health of your large fleet

Reduce total cost of ownership and expand the life of your vehicles through preventive maintenance with scheduled and event-based vehicle health reports. Save on service costs by easily tracking repairs, predicting future check-ups and knowing the current condition of your vehicles on the road. Protect your property from theft and fraud with location and stolen vehicle recovery services.

  • Receive vehicle health and preventive maintenance reports and alerts
  • Improve driver behavior to protect asset value and avoid costly maintenance
  • Protect your drivers with crash notification, emergency assistance, and vehicle location data
commercial driver behavior telematics solution

Driver Analytics

Large Fleets

Vehicle Location

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Usage and Performance

telematics driven predictive maintenace

Predictive Maintenance

telematics for stolen vehicle recovery

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

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Crash Notifications

telematics driven claims management

Claims Management

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Automated Emergency Assistance

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Breakdown Calls

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