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    Digital Driver

    An app to tailor the ideal customers portfolio

    Engagement passes through a digital journey

    A digital journey is an all-encompassing experience that extends far beyond a single ride.

    OCTO offers a service that covers and coordinates all of the in-car touchpoints through a web portal and an app developed for clients.

    Digital Driver™ is a white label solution that summarizes and records many values suitable for outlining a driver profile and its features and combines them with other relevant indicators such as distance covered, time of day, and road type.

    Starting from the collection of telematics data, proceeding through the detailed assimilation and tuning, and then relating the data to other indicators, the aim is to increase the customer engagement throughout the policy lifecycle.

    Destination is a safer and better driver

    All the indicators contribute to an individual score while engaging them through gaming and rewards, enabling a better policy offer. In addition, the customers receive feedback on their driving style, such as tips and alerts, as if they’re experiencing a virtual driving coaching. All of these features and services are useful to enhance the customers’ portfolio for the insurers, the driving experience for customers, and to make safer drivers.

    The power of Digital Driver™ is its full modularity, available also as a software development kit, which permits every insurer to build its own solution and personalize it according to their unique needs and brand specifications.

    Encouraging safe driving styles

    OCTO offers two different configurations of the app: the smartphone edition can work as standalone or paired with a tag or other device. The sensors enable a more accurate level of safety and carefulness, as well as assistance and first aid, with the provision of extra services and collection of more valuable data for the insurers.

    The portal developed by OCTO is a ready-to-use solution where different operators (insurance manager, agent manager, ACR manager/operator, help desk operator) can access data and information of the policyholder’s portfolio, in order to cover all customer needs.

    Digital Journey is also

    SDK, APIs and Widget

    Octo’s APIs and SDK are designed for consumption from specific audiences.

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