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Mobility DataLab

Providing traffic data to identify changes for the benefit of the entire community.

What is it?

Mobility DataLab was born from the initiative of two leading Mobility companies – OCTO Telematics and Infoblu – with the aim of understanding complex phenomena such as shifts in the movement of people and goods during this unprecedented crisis.

The platform – which is available to Public Administrations, the media and the public – shows the use patterns of light and heavy vehicles. Data describe the evolution of Mobility in terms of time and geolocation by comparing current and previous periods. 

This analysis gives a comprehensive, smart and dynamic view of urban and suburban mobility which helps in identifying the best possible solutions for the good of citizens. 

Mobility DataLab is a modular platform available to all sectors of society and has been designed to provide different levels of in-depth analysis for anyone who requires specific support.

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Key benefits

Mobility DataLab:

  • shows data analyzed from millions of vehicles, equipped with on-board telematic devices
  • provides information on mileage in a totally anonymous way in full compliance with GDPR privacy regulations
  • shows statistics and calculations derived from the actual distances covered by a fleet of vehicles, both light and heavy, mounting an on-board geolocation device that communicates a real-time position to a central information storage system.

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