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Help and FAQ Octo Mobile Installer

How can we change notes once we have saved them?

Yes, simply re-enter the notes field and override the existing text.

If I select a coloured tab in the ‘Vehicle damage section’ and select one of the severity options, it will not allow me to review this again if I move on?

This is correct, if you do wish to review it would be easier to simply delete the existing coloured tab and enter a new one and select the severity of your choice and save

If I try to delete one of the coloured tabs in the ‘Vehicle damage section’ it will not automatically delete the accompanying notes – is this correct?

Yes – if you wish to delete the notes this must be done by manually entering those notes and overriding (deleting)

If I press the back button –it exits and takes me back to the home screen– is this correct

Yes – by pressing the back button tab it will exit it you from the app back to the home screen

How do I find the voucher for the Customer whose OctoBox terminal must be installed ?

Enter the customer’s data in at least one of the 4 fields available. By narrowing the search options, the server will provide faster and unambiguous results.

Once I have accessed the list of possible vouchers, how do I proceed?

Verify the correct voucher via the appropriate values and press the → icon on the right-hand side of the screen

Where do I find the codes that have to be entered?

You can find the codes on the OctoBox terminal, on specific labels inside the product packaging, and on the outside of the packaging.

How are the codes captured by the tablet camera?

Press the camera icon (located to the right of the code fields) and scan the QR code located on the OctoBox terminal.

What is a QR code?

The QR (Quick Response) code is a 2D barcode i.e., a matrix consisting of black modules arranged in a square pattern. The example displayed can be scanned by smartphones and contains Octo’s website URL.

Can I scan ANY of the available QR codes, i.e. (packaging, loose labels, or OctoBox terminal)?

Yes, you can; however, if you do not use the QR code (located directly on the OctoBox terminal itself) the system will know this and prompt you to confirm and ensure this is the actual terminal you are installing.

How do I proceed if a particular terminal has no QR code present?

The tablet camera can also read and store the barcode (relating to the two codes) alternatively simply enter the codes manually in the appropriate fields.

What if I scan an incorrect code, can I remove it?

Yes – the read codes can be deleted via the ‘Wastebasket’ icon. Conformation of the correct codes is achieved via the “Certify Terminal” tab [Certifica Terminale] should you discover any codes are already certified; contact the Octo Telematics ‘Support Centre’ for disassociation.

Can I associate an OctoBox terminal and install and activate it at a later stage?

This is not the correct protocol because the system will register a fault if the terminal is not activated within 3 days of the association. However, you can suspend the process and resume later that same day, for example, simply log out of the application and return to the previous step by pressing the tab at the bottom left of the screen. Then select the same voucher to complete the process, the application will start again from where the process left off.

Must all the icons in the diagram be positioned?

Yes, simply use your finger to drag the icon to the position corresponding to the actual point of installation, this will facilitate any future servicing, removal, or maintenance processes. You can also add further details in the ‘NOTES’ field, such as the color and location of the wires used for connections, or the presence of shielded glass, etc.

Once all the icons are positioned, how do I proceed to the next step ?

To proceed to the next step, press the ‘PROCEED’ tab at the bottom right of the screen

How does the diagnostic tool work?

Click on the ‘START DIAGNOSTICS’ tab to view the main parameters and verify the correct operation of the terminal. The page will automatically refresh every 10 seconds or so. Upon completion of the troubleshooting process, the ‘ACTIVATE TERMINAL’ button will display as ‘ACTIVATED’, this confirms all the verifications have been successfully completed. At this point, press the ‘END DIAGNOSTICS’ tab and proceed to the product activation by pressing the ‘ACTIVATE TERMINAL’ tab.

What do I do if the fields in the Diagnostics menu will not populate?

Verify the OctoBox terminal power supplies are effective, together with the location and connections of the various accessories such as antennas and buttons (where applicable). Always remember to position the vehicle in an open area in order to allow optimum access to GPS satellite and GSM telephone signals.

What if the terminal does not activate after the various verifications?

Contact the Octo Telematics ‘Support Centre’ for further analyses and, if necessary, replace the terminal issuing an RMA (Return Manufacturer Authorisation).

How do I know if the OctoBox terminal has been activated?

The system status will display as ‘ACTIVATED’ in the System Status field at the bottom right of the screen.

How do I sign using the tablet touchscreen?

You can use your finger to write your signature directly onto the tablet touchscreen. This will confirm that the service was provided correctly.

How do I conclude the process following conformation of signatures?

Confirm the completion of the process by pressing the ‘PROCEED’ tab on the bottom right of the screen.

What if the customer requests a hardcopy of the Installation Certificate?

A hard copy of the certificate can be accessed via the customer’s personal account on the Octo website, where they can log in to view or print.

Do I still have to print out the certificate and fax it to Octo as before?

No, this is no longer necessary, because the entire process is carried out automatically through the tablet once the Final Summary is displayed.

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