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Car and safety, OCTO Telematics and Alphabet have signed an agreement for car sanification called Alphabet CleanAir

Milan, 8th of May 2021 – Alphabet Italia, BMW Group mobility services supplier, selected OCTO, leading insurance and fleet telematics services and data analytics provider, as partner for the implementation of a sanitisation system that allows drivers and fleet managers to safely use their vehicles.

Always mindful of its client safety, Alphabet expands the “Zero Pensieri” (light-heart) services range and, together with OCTO, introduces Alphabet CleanAir, the new automated fleet sanitisation system. Following the global public health emergency, cars are increasingly the stars of both corporate and individual mobility due to better safety and flexibility.

Andrea Castronovo, Alphabet Italia President and CEO: “After the Alphabet Care success, today the “Zero Pensieri” range is expanding with an important new service. Alphabet CleanAir offers additional protection with an automated system capable of sanitising the air in vehicle cockpits and reduce pathogens by 90%. This partnership, of which we are particularly proud, is important not only for the strategic value but also for the common values and attention towards customers. Our path for a safer mobility and “Zero Pensieri” is based on flexible, complete and automated solutions able to simplify fleet management operations and add value to the solutions for our private customers”.

“It is an honour to share with a partner and market leader such as Alphabet the primary objective of ensuring the safety of our clients and most importantly mobility continuity during the pandemic. OCTO is committed to pursue product innovation and make mobility smarter in every possible way, conscious that true economic and social development is based on a connected, safe and sustainable mobility paradigm”. Nicola Veratelli, CEO, OCTO Group.

The Sanitisation System

Alphabet CleanAir sanitisation system uses the most effective technology available today on the market; developed by OCTO, the system is based on a nano-technology pioneered by NASA that eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi as well as odours and volatile organic compounds. With this technology, fleet vehicles, short and medium term rental vehicles and car sharing units are safer to use. OCTO solution uses PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) supported by a bipolar ioniser: completely odour-free, the system can effectively clean the air within the vehicle as well as sanitise all the surfaces with which occupants comein contact. Moreover, the technolgy is completely harmelss to people and animals, making it the only solution that can guarantee the effectiveness and avoid any side effects as there are no ozone or other harmful chemicals.

The Device

The small device is easy to install in vehicles of any brand and can be placed under the glove compartment, perfectly fitting in the cockpit. It activates automatically when the vehicle is started, beginning the sanitisation while on the move. At the end of each trip, an automated sanitisation cycle begins to re-establish optimal hygiene conditions for the next trip. The only thing the driver will have to do is enjoy the journey.

Information About Alphabet

Alphabet is the leader provider of mobility services. As such, supports its customers with innovative, efficient and sustainable mobility solutions. Founded in 1997 as a division of BMW Group, Alphabet has accumulated a significative experience in international fleet management and rental. Alphabet mobility solutions are specifically tailored to meet the needs of companies, freelancers and private customers. Today Alphabet manages a fleet of over 700.000 cars and light commercial vehicles from all brands and is the fourth largest long term rental global operator. Alphabet is also a pioneer of Advanced Mobility Solutions: AlphaElectric offers to companies an holistic approach to eMobility, AlphaCity is the efficient Corporate CarSharing, AplhaRent is the flexible short and medium term rental service and Alphabet Mobility Services is the mobile based app for an simple and intuitive mobility experience. Alphabet HQ is in Germany, Munich, and is present in 31 Countries. For more information

Information about OCTO

Founded in 2002, OCTO is a leading provider of telematic services and advanced data analytics for the Insurance sector, and increasingly one of the leading companies offering solutions for Fleet Telematics and Smart Mobility. With OCTO’s unique propositions already established in the field of Insurtech and Smart Mobility, OCTO continues to expand in new sectors and international markets. In the context of an increasingly connected world, OCTO’s advanced analytics and its set of IoT Big Data, generates actionable analytics giving life to a new era of Smart Telematics. Today it has over 5,5 million connected users and the largest database of vehicle telematics data in the world, with over 290 billion miles of driving data collected and 480,000 claims and insurance events analysed. It also manages over 400,000 vehicle rentals per month. For more information


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