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OCTO Easy Pro

This professionally-installed device integrates a six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, GSM module, and an optional Bluetooth Low Energy module. It has an internal antenna with a GNNS receiver and a backup battery.

This device is suitable for the activation of smart mobility, insurance telematics and smart analytics solutions.
The BT module allows you to connect this device to accessories that expand the number of services available.

The Universal Device

The OCTO EasyPro is one of the most used devices in the OCTO device portfolio due to its extensive set of features for the provisioning of driving behaviour, crash & claims, driving safety, as well as management and optimization of company fleet services.


Integrated six-axis internal motion sensor
Backup battery
Quad-band GSM modem
Bluetooth Low Energy module (optional)
Compliant with applicable European certifications (CE)
Professional installation (3-wire configuration)

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