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  • Personalized insurance premiums for millions of drivers
  • More than 100 insurance partners worldwide
  • The No.1 insurance telematics provider in the world


Octo pioneered Telematics for the auto insurance industry and is revolutionising the way auto insurers work

We are the innovation partner that  helps our customers assess risk, deliver crash and claims services and manage their on going customer relationships  through advanced  analytics and solutions.

The highest quality data

We have the most advanced technology that collects data from connected vehicles, including driving behavior, location, duration, contextual elements and crash impact information.

The most advanced proprietary algorithms and risk models

Raw data is processed into actionable intelligence. Risk correlation and actuarial capabilities support industry leading driver scoring models, pricing algorithms, crash alerts and claims reconstruction.

The market leader in helping auto insurers transform their businesses with telematics solutions

Telematics policies provide a ‘win-win’ for drivers and insurers. Drivers benefit from savings of up to 30%, as well as increased safety and security features, while insurers benefit from better risk assessment and claims management, which improves financial performance.


Start your telematics journey by partnering with Octo and improve your loss ratio

The power behind telematics. Delivering with pace, executing with passion.

Our solutions are designed to enable insurers to enhance their risk assessment and improve their operational and financial performance. Policy holders can benefit from cost savings and enriched services including  simpler claims processing and enhanced service provision.

Octo’s telematics data-set contains over 175 billion miles of driving data, and continuously receives new information at a rate of 60,000 miles per minute.

Find out how Octo’s data analytics solutions could increase your policy offering and profits.


Increase your Services based Revenue and win customer loyalty

Octo is helping Automotive players profit from investments in Connected Car Technologies.

With over 60 existing partnerships with leading insurers in 23 countries, Octo has the largest database of driving data in the world. Our Telematics services hub offers Automotive business partners an unrivalled choice of insurers to work with. We are already connected and you can be too!

Find out how Octo is improving offerings for the Automotive sector insurers and fleet whilst benefiting the end consumer.

Rental & Fleet

Octo is revolutionizing how Fleet Managers maximize the efficiency of the fleets and drive down the total cost of ownership

Octo technology lets you track all of your vehicles, and monitor performance, in real time. The worlds leading smart data capture and analysis applications provide automated solutions and security alerts when needed.


Octo is the force behind improving and rewarding good driving!

Over 5 million drivers are saving money on their insurance costs with Octo technology powering their insurance policy.

Thousands of drivers track their journeys with the Octo U app, and over 5 million currently save money on their insurance costs through Octo powered telematics policies.

Talk to one of our insurance partners today or get the app and find out how Octo technology could lower your insurance policy.

Octo equals telematics for our partners

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