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Insurance and Mobility are changing forever and Octo’s platform based approach enables digital transformation and enhanced policyholder engagement

We are the innovation partner that helps our customers assess risk, deliver crash and claims services, and manage their ongoing customer relationships through our platform delivering advanced analytics and solutions.

The highest quality data

We have the most advanced technology that collects data from connected vehicles, including driving behavior, location, duration, contextual elements and crash impact dynamics.

Raw data is processed into actionable intelligence. Risk correlation and actuarial capabilities support industry leading driver scoring models, pricing algorithms, crash alerts and claims reconstruction.

The most accurate proprietary algorithms and risk models

Leveraging on our alliance with Willis Towers Watson, our DriveAbility® Marketplace is an insurance telematics data exchange. We aggregate and analyze nonuniform, granular data to provide an industry-leading driving score. We also facilitate relationships between data providers and insurers so you can present convenient, personalized insurance offers to your customers using pre-analyzed driving data.

The market leader in helping auto insurers transform their businesses with telematics solutions

Telematics policies provide a ‘win-win’ for drivers and insurers. Drivers benefit from savings of up to 30%, as well as increased safety and security features, while insurers benefit from better risk assessment and claims management, which improves financial performance.


Built specifically for Insurers, Octo’s IoT platform improves your loss ratio.

The power behind telematics. Our solution spans the entire insurer value chain.

Our technology solutions are designed to enable insurers to enhance their risk assessment and improve their operational and financial performance. Policy holders can benefit from cost savings and enriched services including simpler claims processing and enhanced service provision.

Octo’s telematics data-set contains over 196 billion miles of driving data, and continuously receives new information at a rate of 60,000 miles per minute.

Find out how Octo’s platform and data analytics solutions could increase your policy offering and profits.

DriveAbility & Consulting Octo’s Strategic Alliance with Willis Towers Watson

Octo has acquired Willis Towers Watson usage-based insurance (UBI), which includes DriveAbility and together formed a Strategic Alliance. This partnership advances UBI data analytics and technologies to deliver leading-edge UBI solutions and scoring to the insurance industry. 

DriveAbility is trusted by insurers worldwide as a cost-effective way to rapidly go to market with a usage-based insurance (UBI) product. Based on actual claim data, we believe DriveAbility is the market’s most predictive insurance telematics score. Whether you’re just getting started with telematics or ready to join DriveAbility Marketplace, we can help you move forward with confidence.

DriveAbility Marketplace. Unlock the potential of telematics data from connected cars. DriveAbility Marketplace is an insurance telematics data exchange for insurers and IoT data providers. We aggregate and analyze telematics data for convenient, personalized insurance offers. Whether you’re just getting started with telematics or ready to join our marketplace, we can help you move forward with confidence.


Built to support our Automotive players, explore Octo’s IoT platform is designed to increase your service-based-revenue, win customer loyalty and profit from investments in connected car technologies.

Octo is helping Automotive players profit from investments in Connected Car Technologies.

With over 60 existing partnerships with leading insurers in 23 countries, Octo has the largest database of driving data in the world. Our Telematics services hub offers Automotive business partners an unrivalled choice of insurers to work with. 

Leveraging insights from Octo’s contextualized driving behavior algorithms and using our analytical capabilities, we are able to provide next generation CRM solutions as a basis for customer loyalty, creating user based warranty, preventative maintenance and aftermarket services.

Find out how Octo is improving offerings for the Automotive sector, insurers and fleet, whilst benefiting the end consumer.


Omoove, wholly-owned by Octo, provides technological solutions for Vehicle Sharing and Fleet Management.

Omoove is the European leader in providing innovative technological solutions in the Mobility market, offering end-to-end Shared Mobility, Fleet Management and Insurance Telematics solutions for Vehicle Sharing Operators and Car Rental Companies.


Octo is the force behind improving safety and rewarding good driving through insurance savings!

Over 5.6 million drivers through 60 insurance partners are saving money on their insurance costs with Octo technology powering their insurance policy. Through our crash detection capabilities drivers have the peace of mind of knowing that should they be involved in an accident, the right help will automatically be triggered.

Talk to one of our insurance partners today to find out how Octo technology could lower your insurance policy.

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