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    Today everyone is dealing with a health, social and economic crisis of huge proportions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. OCTO has applied its Big Data Analytics and telematics capabilities for vehicles and individuals in different sectors.

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    Transforming IoT Big Data Set into actionable intelligence

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    Drive a better quality of life in a connected world

    Today OCTO is one of the main players in the world of smart mobility, where customers can benefit from the digital transformation and capitalize on the actionable intelligence, provided by the world largest telematics and data analytics service.


    OCTO creates the right solution for every need

    OCTO has the right tools, from shared platforms to devices and App, in order to offer the best possible service to end users.

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    OCTO enlightens the way to the world of telematics

    Over the years, OCTO has become a unique partner for companies operating in Automotive and related industries, providing customized solutions to empower and diversify their business.

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    OCTO shapes the tools to transform IoT Big Data set into business value for its customers, carrying companies and users across the fast-paced realm of telematics, which has now reached new levels and new areas of application.

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    There are many ways to know more about OCTO.
    Discover how OCTO is constantly working to build a better global connected reality during our events and webinars, or consulting our media gallery and press releases.

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