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OCTO Guardian Pro

Professionally installed, this device consists of a Quad-band GSM / GPRS module with internal antenna and multi-constellation GPS receiver as well as a Bluetooth Low Energy module.

It can be used either standalone or in conjunction with another device in range to provide backup support for stolen vehicle tracking (SVT) and stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) services should the main device fail, be removed, or be damaged.

It is used for the provision of advanced smart mobility, insurance telematics and smart analytics services.

Additional protection for vehicles

OCTO GuardianPro is the device that provides additional protection for the vehicle. Whether used alone or combined with a primary device, it allows you to activate vehicle tracking services in the event of theft and supports the operation of the primary device in the event of insufficient battery.


Self-powered with extended battery up to 4 years
2G or LTE CAT-M1 modem (optional)
Bluetooth Low Energy module
Compliant with applicable European certifications (CE)
Professional installation

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