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OCTO’s ongoing support and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

ZeVA Vision Zero in Action

ZeVA (Vision Zero in Action) provides a concrete opportunity for OCTO and for each of us to do our part to counter the planet’s climate crisis.

We are proud to have a tangible and measurable impact on the reduction of accidents, pollution and traffic through the use of our technologies. Now, however, in addition to know-how and technological innovation, we also want to engage with our daily behaviours and, above all, we want to communicate the results we obtain in the best possible way, both inside and outside OCTO.
ZeVA is a long-lasting sustainability program that involves each of us individually, as an OCTO Team, and as a Company.


Device refurbishment

A fundamental component of the ZeVA (Vision Zero in Action: zero congestion, zero accidents and zero pollution), in line with the climate law approved by the European Parliament (Zero emissions by 2050), concerns the refurbishment of OCTO devices.

Our Vision Zero guides us in playing a key role in sustainability as well as innovation. Therefore, the goal is to minimize the production of new devices and focus on the refurbishment, where possible.

With refurbishment we limit the consumption of new components and therefore help relieve the global raw materials shortage as well as reduce the transport of raw materials to production sites and logistics hubs.


Compensation projects

In September 2021, in collaboration with MUGO, a questionnaire was given out to all employees to find out about OCTO’s CO2 emissions.
The results show a good starting point, with an average of 9.61 tons of CO2 emissions by our Company which, compared to the climate impact of the benchmark, is -21.2%.
At the company level, the areas for improvement concern domestic energy consumption, and the use of electric/hybrid cars, despite the fact that the data on “transport” is positive.

To offset CO2 emissions, OCTO offset 115 tons of CO2 with two reforestation projects: WOWalps in Trentino Alto Adige (Val di Fiemme) and Fo-RESTARE in Lazio (Monterano Reserve).
Each employee also received an individual report with suggestions for reducing their climate impact and a certificate of compensation of one ton of CO2.
Our OCTO babies also contributed to the reduction of carbon dioxide! In fact, we planted a tree for each child born and sent a personalized badge to mum or dad.


Reduce food waste

The results of the survey conducted on all OCTO personnel showed that the item “Diet” (Nutrition) is the second factor responsible for the CO2 produced by employees. In addition to internal awareness campaigns on the reduction of food waste, a concrete action has been put in place, available for now at the Rome office, regarding the agreement with Orto 2.0.

Orto 2.0 is an agricultural cooperative company that offers a cultivation service that, via an application and a web platform, allows you to monitor and manage a real vegetable garden, even if you don’t have space, time and skill.

In terms of reducing food waste, Orto 2.0 acts by:
– Making cultivation techniques on small spaces efficient
– Planning the production
– Truncating the entire distribution passage
– Planning the waste and placing it, before decay, within an exchange community or where it can be transformed into preserves


DI. DI. Diversamente Disabili

OCTO actively collaborates with the Italian non-profit organization Di.Di. and promotes with them various activities related to road education in school programs.
OCTO also supports the OCTO Bridgestone Cup and the Bridgestone International Handy Race, both of which are reserved for disabled riders.


Comunità di Sant’Egidio

OCTO collaborates with the Comunità di Sant’Egidio, a Christian Community founded in 1968, present today in more than 70 countries around the world.  The community pays special attention to suburbs (and suburban areas), gathers men and women of all ages and circumstances, united by a bond of fraternity, in the voluntary and free commitment for the poor and for peace.
Prayer, the poor and peace are its fundamental landmarks.
OCTO supports the Comunità di Sant’Egidio by taking part in various initiatives, such as Itinerant Dinners and the Food Collection.
Through these initiatives OCTO aims to be close to those who are more fragile to face difficulties together, overcoming social isolation and recreating bonds of affection and solidarity.