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Vehicle Sharing and Renting

OCTO solutions for the rental and shared mobility sector are developed to allow fleet managers to offer their customers innovative, secure digital services that improve the customer experience, while at the same time guaranteeing an easy and effective management of fleets. The characteristics of these solutions place OCTO among the suppliers of one of the main car sharing operators in Italy.

Renter Experience

When developing a rental or shared mobility business, one of the main challenges for operators is to be able to effectively manage all daily operations and protect their assets, without neglecting the engagement of the customer base.

To meet the needs of operators in the sector OCTO has created a flexible and scalable solution which, through a B2B portal and a specialized console, provides the right tools to enhance work efficiency, optimize fleet management, improve services to end user and encourage business expansion.

The OCTO solution includes, among other features:

Registration of new users

Of trips, history, payments, frequency of use


For communication management


Through registration, management and tracking of requests

Renting Process

An incentive for the spread of shared mobility services can be given by the introduction, by sector operators, of operating processes and additional services that make the user experience unique and easy. Only in this way is it possible to encourage the reuse of these services by the end user as an alternative to a private car.

Thanks to its technological suite, OCTO offers end-to-end solutions to support industry operators, so that they can create a continuous and lasting relationship with the end user. The operating model is also supported by a digitization process that facilitates interactions and the entire journey of the end user through an app that provides a series of information for travel management.

Among the features included in the solution

User registration

Which takes place on the operator’s platform

Vehicle booking

Through the app that provides details on where the available vehicles are located and their characteristics (make, model, fuel)

Car lock / unlock

Allowed only with the use of the app

Automatic payment

Any related services such as tolls and parking

Reporting and Analytics

Reading and understanding the data generated every day by fleets is a service increasingly requested by fleet managers. Data analysis is in fact necessary to support business decisions and to do so, managers need flexible and integrated tools that can help them improve the quality of service, optimize fleet management and increase customer loyalty. OCTO solutions, thanks to an open data management framework, provide fleet managers with integrated tools for scanning the big data of the entire fleet, allowing access to easy-to-use normalized data, regardless of the IT maturity level of the customer.

It starts from a basic solution, which includes standard reports, to arrive at more advanced features that integrate data from different sources, aimed at creating a single database capable of supporting queries and reports of different types. Thanks to an easy and intuitive Drag & Drop function, it is also possible to combine tables and views for data analysis both on the web and mobile app.

Billing and Payment

The management of invoicing and billing is an important component of the rental cycle, which must be integrated into the entire process. On the one hand, it must allow renters to define flexible tariff rules and apply the right rates, on the other hand, it must facilitate the end-user experience in correctly closing the service. Thanks to its platform, OCTO provides customers with a flexible framework that can be fully integrated into the entire cycle, where the billing and payment component represents a fundamental element of differentiation.

Renters can define their own rules for calculating the prices of the services used, generate invoices and close the cycle with the safe and fast payment of the amount due. The service supports more than 135 currencies.

OCTO Smart KeyLess

Innovative solution that addresses recent restrictions on the movement of people and goods. Proven daily through 15,0000 discrete production operations, our proprietary technology allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors without using the manufacturer’s key and enables the engine lock without interfering with the on-board circuits which could void the vehicle warranty.

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