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Safety and Security

Underwriting an insurance policy can be much more than just joining a contract. Assistance to people in times of need and vehicle protection, a way to build a solid and loyal relationship between the company and the insured.

Emergency Call

Is one of the most important services dedicated to people safety, already governed by European legislation, enriched and improved by OCTO’s experience in the sector.

The near real-time crash-data processing and the rapidity with which it is possible to verify the need for assistance for the car passengers, make this solution a key element to reduce the most serious damages to people and vehicles and to improve policyholders loyalty.

Once a crash is detected, the OCTO device installed in the car automatically triggers an emergency call. The call provides:

Event notification

The notification is enriched with information on vehicle’s position and a set of data about the crash dynamics to an assistance center.

Accident notification

It alerts the emergency services and establishes an audio channel between the passengers of the vehicle and the assistance center.

Breakdown Call

Added to the insurance policy, this solution allows insurers to enrich the offer and assist their customers in emergency situations. Complete and suitable for different use cases, the b-call is ready to be implemented and integrated into Companies’ systems at different levels.

In the event of a vehicle breakdown:

Request for Assistance

The driver can activate a request for assistance by pressing a button which can be both virtual (available on an app) and physical (on the device installed on-board).

Control Operating Room

The request arrives at a Control Operating Room, a complete platform capable of managing incoming requests and monitoring the related operations to respond to faults performed by specialized operators.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

The demand for vehicle tracking and recovery solutions has always been supported by insurance companies, given the large sums spent every year on stolen vehicles compensation. The same demand is also supported by policyholders as they are often heavily penalised by compensation based on a market value lower than expected.

This complete, scalable and open solution can be configured according to specific customer needs and allows all the players involved to be transparently integrated on a single platform.

Vehicle Tracking

In the event of the vehicle being stolen, the Security Operations Room can track the vehicle and, in compliance with local regulations, cooperate with the police. The activation of the service can be launched on demand, from the car owner with a direct call to the Operations Room or automatically through an alarm triggered by the device installed on the car and correctly configured

Theft Dossier

The information detected by the on-board device, in addition to that provided by the car owner and / or the Operations Room operator, is collected in a document that can be exported by the insured and be used for the accident management.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking Guardian

Frequent car thefts in some geographic areas, usually at the expense of particular brands or models, have led to the demand for additional solutions aimed to improve the chances of successful recovery.

Guardian includes an additional on-board device, hidden inside the vehicle, capable of sending an automated alarm in the event of theft, allowing tracing operations to be carried out immediately even if the primary device is removed.

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