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Crash and Claims Management

A set of solutions that mark the transition from a traditional management to an innovative approach of the entire process through the integration of advanced technologies and tools.

Crash Reconstruction

Insurance fraud containment, compensation time reduction, complete settlement process optimisation: OCTO’s ability to identify, validate and reconstruct a crash event represents a turning point in traditional claims management. This ability, based on the interaction between devices and the OCTO platform, translates into event-related information set fast delivery, support for the company to understand its dynamics, correct responsibility attribution and damage assessment.

Crash Dossier

It is the crash related information summary that allows the insurer to integrate any information collected by the driver with the objective data detected by the on-board device. Among these, the date and time of the crash event, the geo-location, the impact speed, the direction and intensity the and interactive map showing vehicle position and route.

Claims Management Dashboard

Sophisticated and advanced crash event reconstruction capable of providing a powerful and more understandable visualization of the impact dynamics. Thanks to a dynamic reconstruction engine, it is possible to virtually reproduce the accident through a video that shows vehicle movements before, during and after the impact.

Damage Evaluation Assistant

Based on an Artificial Intelligence engine, this solution enriches the Crash Report with data that allow to accurately estimate the damage suffered by the vehicle following an impact. The benefits of the solution are many: average claim handling time reduction, better assessment of the compensation cost, insurance fraud containment. This solution allows to determine:

Damage to the vehicle

Confirming the parts of the car affected by the impact and damaged.

Components to replace or repair

Identifying in detail the parts to be replaced or repaired.

Repair costs

Defining an estimate of the total repair cost.

Early FNOL

The crash detection through OCTO systems enables services for the benefit not only of the insurance company but also of the driver himself. Thanks to Early FNOL it is in fact possible to reduce opening times, management and settlement of the accident, but also to activate timely assistance to the driver (if necessary) for his safety.

The Insurance Company

Automatically receives the “First Notification of Loss (or First Notification of Loss)” with restriction of the time frame between the occurrence of the event and its registration in the systems. This makes it possible to reduce the handling time of the claim, accelerate the timing and accuracy of the settlement, contain fraud.

The driver

Is promptly contacted once the accident has been detected, both to receive immediate support in managing the situation and to collect useful information related to the accident.

Pull Crash Data Exchange

A tool that, in “pull-mode”, gives insurance companies the opportunity to acquire data on claims with no associated accidents and therefore requiring verification to prevent possible fraud. For each accident OCTO can provide a report containing the crash data and other travel information, including the GPS position of the vehicle, at the declared event time.

Forensic Dossier

OCTO, thanks to technologies and decades of experience in the sector, is able to produce objective and reliable evidence to be used in court to combat possible fraud and reduce the time for resolving disputes. It does so by providing the insurance company with legal and forensic support through the production of official documentation, the availability of experts and advice in the event of disputes on a claim.

Training for telematics Claim

To maximise the benefits deriving from the adoption of telematics in Crash & Claims processes, OCTO provides all stakeholders involved in the process with a personalized training program according to the professional role covered. The tools supporting the OCTO solutions are simple and intuitive, but proper operator training can allow you to get the most out of the system.

It is addressed to:

·      Insurance adjusters
·      FNOL operators
·      Liquidators 
·      Fraud investigators 
·      Dynamic Crash investigators
·      Lawyers

Vertical Insurance Applications

This is the prerequisite on which the transition from a traditional policy to one that uses telematics is based. VIA is an OCTO middleware that allows data exchange, including those of accidents and claims, which takes place between OCTO and the insurer for the activation and provision of telematic solutions. It can be integrated with IoT, connected cars and other digital products to optimise the entire claims management process.

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