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Fleet Telematics

The adoption of on-board telematics is a fundamental step in the transition to a connected fleet. With integrated vehicle managment, the benefits include direct and indirect cost control. By using advanced analytics based on behavioral and contextual telematatics data, this set of solutions support fleet managers in making decisions more timely and effective.

Smart Fleet

With an end-to-end platform designed to support the needs of all stakeholders, the solution allows the fleet managers to efficiently manage their fleet in a seamless way.

Accessible via a web portal with different profiles and services depending on the type of user, this ready-to-use solution allows fleet managers to have a constant view of their fleet, assigning vehicles and drivers, managing sub-fleets and statistical reporting on the vehicle use (driving distance and time, type of roads, days of the week, time of inactivity or movement, etc.).

Fleet Efficiency

Optimizing the fleet and keeping operational costs under control are just some of the main benefits that can be achieved through the adoption of this fleet management solution.

Fleet efficency can be achevied for fleets of any size, providing managers with a global view of their fleet with the benefit of reducing costs through advanced reporting, scheduled maintenance plans, trip tracking and real-time event notifications.

Car Remote Diagnostics

OCTO Diagnostic Solutions simplify the process of data usage coming from connected vehicles, enabling you to monitor, analyze and preserve vehicle health and operations.

The OCTO Cloud platform allows you to access all or part of vehicle data remotely and securely and, if required, integrate them with additional OEM data. Thanks to this function, the fleet manager can check the vehicle’s maintenance, battery level, kilometers traveled and any error codes.

The huge amount of technical data generated by vehicles is only used in the vehicles, therefore not stored. Furthermore, the type of data generated differs depending on vehicle brand and / or model. Access to vehicle data offers many opportunities for diagnostics, because it helps improve vehicle maintenance and protect its value.
Then you also get the Scorecard: an electronic certificate which certifies, based on data collected, how the car is used during its entire life cycle. It can be an excellent tool to increase the car’s value when resold.

Fleet Analytics​

Data from connected vehicles represent a valuable resource, especially if properly analyzed, combined and integrated. OCTO solutions simplify the process of using OEM connected car data in innovative diagnostic services, useful for defining new business models.

The Fleet Analytics service includes:

Monitoring of fuel consumption: that is monitors fuel consumption directly from car data through a machine learning model.

– Estimation of the residual value: multidimensional analysis based on an advanced crash algorithm and on the car usage data provides a reliable estimate of the vehicle’s residual value.

Safety & Security

A dedicated solution ensuring driver and passenger safety based on prompt assitance at the time of need. As well as automatic activation in the case of a serious event, assistance can be called on-demand or for the recovery of a stolen vehicle.

The OCTO bCall and Proactive Crash assistance solutions assist drivers at the time of need. The technology can automatically or proactively be activated, and once activated is processed directly on the OCTO platform in which data is collected in real-time to determin the required assistance while also instantly generating an incident report.

Security solutions protect fleet vehicles from theft, minimising any loss and disruption to the business.

Risk Scoring

The definition of a risk index based on behavioral and context driving parameters helps assess individual and fleet risk exposure. With this solution, fleet managers can implement suitable preventive measures to mitigate risk factors caused by poor driving habits, better protecting company assets.

Crash & Claim Management

Claim Management is a complete suite of integrated solutions in a unique platform, offering the end-to-end management of a claim: from crash detection, accident notification and reconstruction, promtp driver assistance, to an estimation of loss.

These solutions use data from an on-board device and is based on a digital process to allow fleet managers to speed up the settlement process, saving time and costs, while reducing the administrative workload when providing assistance to drivers.

Claim Management includes:

Proactive Crash Assistance/ bCall

First Notification of Loss

Crash reconstruction

Crash report

Smart Keyless

OCTO Smart KeyLess is OCTO’s proprietary technology that allows users and operators to lock and unlock car doors without a key.

This solution provides simple access control to the vehicle via a smartphone app, improving safety and security. Multiple users (for example other drivers, service centers, repairers) can be permitted contactless access at relevant times.
Using the OBD-II/EOBD port, the solution is easy to install and compatible with a ride range of vehicles.

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