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Fleet Telematics

The adoption of on-board telematics is an important step towards the connected car, with direct and indirect benefits in various areas, especially for effective cost control and integrated vehicle management. This solution supports fleet managers in making quick and effective decisions thanks to advanced analysis options based on behavioral and contextual telematic data.

Smart Fleet

Solution that allows the Fleet Manager an integrated and efficient management of the fleet through a complete end-to-end platform, designed and developed to support the needs of all fleet stakeholders. Accessible with different profiles and services depending on the role held, this ready-to-use solution allows Fleet Managers to have an up-to-date view on the state of the fleet, not only in terms of assets but also of people and results.

The solution provides also a web portal that includes various features including:

Profiles creation

With assignment of sub-fleets and drivers

Basic statistics

Relating to the use of both the entire fleet and the individual vehicles that make it up

Fleet Efficiency

Optimizing fleet governance and keeping operating costs under control are just some of the main benefits that can be achieved through the adoption of this solution. Suitable for fleets of any size – from the smallest to those made up of hundreds of vehicles – Fleet Efficiency allows managers to have a global view of their fleet and promptly address any vehicle problems. Through the consultation of statistics and key parameters, they have the ability to evaluate routes and consumption, intervene in advance in case of anomalies, plan maintenance activities in time and in a more economical way, with the immediate advantage of reducing lead times. stop the vehicle and maximize its use.

Asset Protection

The theft of one or more vehicles in the fleet can have serious financial repercussions on a company. In addition to the economic damage equal to the value of the stolen asset and / or the equipment present in it, the one relating to the blocking of activities for which the use of the vehicle is necessary must also be added.

The OCTO Asset Protection solutions have as their main objective not only the protection of fleet vehicles from any theft but also the guarantee of the smooth running of the company’s daily work activities.

OCTO solutions protect the fleet on a complete path.

Theft prevention

Through an engine lock feature that prevents unauthorized starting of the vehicle (for which the installation of OCTO EngineLock accessory is required).

Tracking stolen vehicles

Through the on-board device it is possible to locate the vehicle and allow it to be tracked by a Security Control Room.

Risk Management

The definition of a risk index based on behavioral and context driving parameters helps to assess both individual and entire fleet risk exposure. Thanks to this solution, the fleet manager can implement suitable preventive actions to mitigate the risk factors caused by incorrect driving habits and to protect company assets.

Crash and Claims Management

Borrowed from OCTO’s consolidated experience in the insurance sector, Claim Management is a complete suite of solutions integrated in a single platform for the end-to-end management of the claim process: from accident detection to notification, from prompt assistance to drivers to accident reconstruction and damage assessment.

By exploiting data from on-board devices and a process implemented in a completely digital environment, these solutions allow the fleet manager to speed up the settlement process, saving time and costs, reducing the administrative workload and at the same time not neglecting the needs of assistance to drivers.

Claim Management includes:


First Notification of Loss

Crash reconstruction

Crash report

Damage Evaluation

Car Diagnostics

The huge amount of technical data generated by vehicles has a temporary duration only, is not stored and is used only locally within the vehicles. Furthermore, the type of data generated is different depending on the brand and / or model. However, access to vehicle data offers many opportunities for diagnostics as it helps improve vehicle maintenance and protect its value.

Car Diagnostics OCTO solutions simplify the process of exploiting data from connected vehicles by allowing you to monitor, analyze and preserve vehicle health, status and operation. OCTO’s Cloud platform allows you to remotely and securely access all or part of the vehicle data and, if required, integrate them with additional OEM data.
Thanks to this feature, the fleet manager can control, among others the maintenance status of the vehicle, the battery level, mileage and error codes.

In addition it is included the scorecard: an electronic certificate attesting, on the basis of the data collected, the use of the car during its entire life cycle. It can be an excellent tool to increase the value of the car in case of resale.

Truck Fleet Solution

OCTO solutions for commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers and public transport to manage fleets efficiently and safely, bring benefits to the fleet manager, fleet driver, and all road users.
The solutions monitor driver behaviour, have real-time alarms in case of risky events and control road conditions in order to prevent accidents.

Truck Fleet Solution includes:

DMS (Driving monitoring system)

Driver behaviour monitoring system that triggers real time alarms in case of risky events such as driver fatigue, distracted driving, improper use of the smartphone.

Advanced driver assistance system

System to reduce the risk of collision by monitoring for safe distance. The system provides a series of tools dedicated to the prevention of collisions with other vehicles and injuries to pedestrians and sends a warning in the event of a lane change.

BSD (Blind spot detection)

Detect and display blind spots, based on three levels of risk, and signal proximity of nearby vehicles, pedestrians, and motorcycles.

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