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The OCTO Connected Forum 2021 event brought together industry leaders, experts, and executives involved in the connected mobility world, to present the outcome of the research and open a debate on the issues and proposals drawn up by the Advisory Board.

The main topics of significant impact for the future evolution of the mobility business and its services in the insurance and automotive sectors were also be discussed, supported by an exclusive digital networking opportunity.

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  • Salesforce

    OCTO, the mobility IoT leader, is a partner of Salesforce, the number one CRM solution in the world. OCTO has over 100 industry customers worldwide using telematics solutions based on its own IoT platform & analytics and has a global leadership. OCTO & Salesforce’s common joint value proposition is to increase customer-perceived value and to spread leads generation and fast-growing opportunity for OCTO customers. The challenge for insurance industry is to increase cross selling opportunity in terms of improved process efficiency for pricing and create a 360° view supported by IoT data from real policyholder journey.

  • Willis Tower Watson

    OCTO and Willis Towers Watson have developed a strategic allianced focused on advancing UBI data analytics through algorithms and tools to provide actionable insights to the insurance industry. This partnership enhances both parties’ products and services in the auto insurance IoT space.

  • Air For Life

    OCTO and AFL have signed a strategic partnership for the proposal of products dedicated to the sanitisation of vehicles and environments that use an effective and completely harmless technology, derived from aerospace research and developed by NASA, active against viruses, bacteria, fungi, odours and compounds organic volatiles.

  • Redd

    Since 2017, Redd Systems and OCTO have partnered to provide a robust portfolio of insurance telematics capabilities servicing LATAM.



  • MOTO GP™

    OCTO is title sponsor of the San Marino Grand Prix and the Rimini Riviera (San Marino GP).

  • Pramac Racing

    OCTO is the title sponsor of the Pramac MotoE team and the main sponsor of Pramac MotoGP team.


  • TTS Italia

    TTS Italia is the National Association for Telematics for Transport and Security which aims to promote the development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).


    Ancma is the trade union association that brings together the Italian manufacturers of 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles, quadricycles and parts and accessories for the same vehicles. It is a member of Confindustria and is therefore a primary component of the Italian industry representation system.


    National Association of the Car Rental and Automotive Services Industry.

  • FSS

    The Foundation for Sustainable Development is now an authoritative point of reference for the main sectors and protagonists of the green economy: the economy of sustainable development.


    Clepa is the voice of European automotive suppliers, representing over 3.000 companies which employ 5.000.000 employees, invest over €30 billion yearly in R&I and provide solutions for safe, smart and sustainable mobility.

  • IIA

    IIA is a non-profit association that brings together companies active in the InsurTech sector, such as insurance and reinsurance, brokers, banks, financial intermediaries, distributors and technology experts, consulting and marketing.

  • TSP Association

    TSP Association is a trade association of Telematics Service Providers.
    The aim of the Association is to promote telematics and technological innovation as essential factors in the quality of life of motorists, the transport economy, services and mobility.