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  • OCTO Smart Talks – OCTO for the “New Normal” (Ita)

    IoT solutions to protect customers and the workforce


    Cosimo La Rocca – Product Management Advisor at OCTO
    Paolo Cellini
    – VP Product Innovation at OCTO


    Giuseppe Lucido – Vice President at Edelman


    26th May 2020 – 11.30 pm CEST
    Duration – 35 min.

    Today everyone is dealing with a health, social and economic crisis of huge proportions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
    OCTO is at the forefront of creating innovative telematic solutions for a better connected life.

    How can we support companies return back to business as they transition to the “new normal” following the COVID-19 pandemic?
    The innovative solutions OCTO designed, encourage safe self-distancing and the robust sanitization of vehicles.

    OCTO AroundMe and OCTO PurePlace: the first monitors the behaviour of individuals in public or private areas, registering the presence of individuals and abnormal social distancing behaviour; while the latter helps in an automatic and controlled way to sanitise vehicles thank to the OCTO Purifier device installed. 

    This webinar was held in Italian with interactive Smart Q&A.
    An english session of the same webinar took place in the afternoon.

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