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OCTO Smart Talks – Rise of the Smart Future (Eng)


Louis To – VP Sales International at OCTO
Alexandre Rispal – Chief Revenue Officer at La Parisienne


Patrick Allongue – Central Europe Regional Leader & Head of Sales at OCTO


09th June 2020 – 3.00 pm CEST
Duration – 35 min.

Our world is becoming increasingly connected and therefore it is necessary to think as a connected organism rather than producing brilliant ideas that only work in the limited environment for which it was designed.

Trends were already visible, the 2020 global situation simply offered a boost and accelerated the process. From UBI to Low Emission Areas monitoring and charge, from vehicle ownership to multi-platform commute solutions, how connectivity is going to improve our experiences?

Improvements always come through change, therefore let’s deep dive together in the roles, solutions and ideas for this complex, challenging but most importantly stimulating future.

This webinar was held in english with interactive Smart Q&A.

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