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Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Whole protection of your car.

Monitoring the location of a truck, car or any moving vehicle using the GPS system. Extensively deployed to keep track of truck fleets, vehicle tracking ensures that the vehicles are being used properly and that they can be recovered in the event they are stolen.

Simply put, a stolen vehicle recovery system – also known as a vehicle tracking system or “GPS device” – is a telematics system that allows owners to get their stolen vehicles back.

Thanks to the alleged accuracy of the available stolen vehicle recovery systems on the market, auto insurance companies will typically provide their customers with a percent discount on their insurance policies.

OCTO Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) is an end-to-end solution that, in case of theft, allows a Security Control Room (SCR) to track the vehicle and, in compliance with local law, liaise with Police to recover the vehicle.

Activation of the service can be launched:

  • On demand: via a direct call by the owner to the Security Control Room
  • Automatically: through an alarm triggered by a properly configured device installed in the car (e.g., car battery disconnection, car movement with ignition off, anchor alert).

The OCTO Stolen Vehicle Tracking platform gathers all the information necessary to manage the recovery from the in-car device, from the vehicle owner, and from the SCR operator. Once collected, this comprehensive and robust information is structured logically in a “theft dossier” and exported to the vehicle owner.
This Platform manages the theft dossier handover between different Countries and SCRs and tracks the vehicle, getting all the relevant data to ensure real-time localization and recovery event detection and commands.


  • Complete solution tailorable to specific needs.
  • Ensures the compliance with data protection regulations and promotes the continuous alignment with local law enforcement.
  • Open infrastructure that allows the company to integrate all the participants of its ecosystem (network of SCRs distributed in different Countries, etc.) in a single IT Platform.
  • Easy to modify in case of SCR supplier changes.

Optional an additional on-board device, OCTO Guardian, can be added which triggers immediate tracking upon removal or tampering of primary device

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