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Work travel “permanently changed”, say 2 out of 3 Brits

Two-thirds of people surveyed by lease company Alphabet in the UK say their work travel patterns have changed permanently due to COVID-19. Today, more than half of those surveyed no longer commutes to work.

Called Fleet Streets, the survey examines exactly how the pandemic has accelerated changes to travel and transport. Some key figures:

  • Travel patterns have shifted significantly. No less than 53% of those surveyed no longer commutes to work. And only 15% go to the office five days a week.
  • Modes of commuting have changed. Only 23% are comfortable currently using public transport in London. Cycling and walking to work have more than doubled, to 20% and 10% respectively. Just one in three thinks things will ever go back to the ‘old’ normal.
  • Cars are the preferred mode of transport. Of the 58% who felt comfortable returning to work, 60% said they would be using their car. And 37% said they would consider using a company car, if they were offered one.
  • Electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly mainstream. Of those surveyed, 24% said their next car would “definitely” be a BEV or a PHEV, and 40% were seriously considering it. Moreover, 55% want delivery vans to be electric – one in three even wants to pay more for their delivery to be done by an e-LCV.

Source: FleetEurope

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