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On Board Installation

Small devices, many services

This category includes small devices that can be plugged into the car that enable data processing and other useful services. The cigarette lighter is directly placed into its proper space inside the car. Due to the characteristics of the cigarette lighter plugs in most cars, the device has been designed to work only when the engine is on.

Diagnostic data collection

The EasyDiag OBD dongle and the SmartDiag OBD dongle also collect vehicle diagnostic data, increasing the reliability and quality. These devices need to be plugged into the vehicle OBD diagnostic port, implemented on all recently manufactured cars, in proximity of the driver seating. They collect a large variety of important diagnostic information about the vehicle from both the standard and non-standard protocol layers.

The EasyDiag OBD dongle can be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or a telematics device in the OCTO portfolio, while the SmartDiag OBD Dongle is a full-featured standalone telematics device with its own GSM connectivity to the OCTO platform. It can offer, beyond the diagnostic services, all the other navigation and inertial services.

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