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5 Cutting-edge Telematics Trends

The promises of vehicular telematics for the near future

Telematics have become a standard car feature in many regions around the world. Most major OEMs have introduced telematics to their offerings and safety and security features are steadfastly taking hold on the consumer market, so where do we go from here?

1. Automated Emergency Calls

Automated emergency calls in case of accident are quickly becoming a mainstream telematics service, but they will soon become standard. In fact, starting October 1, 2017, all new cars sold in the European Union will have to include an eCall System.

2. From Maps to Intuitive Technology

Although it is now standard, efficient GPS map navigation systems only took hold about 10-12 years ago. However, this basic telematics service reserves ample room for improvement.

The future of navigation systems lies in intuitive technology. Cars will soon interact directly with the information provided by maps, traffic alerts and weather conditions, reducing their speed, for example, if the driver does not slow down before a curve.

3. A Connected Drivers’ Community

Cars are increasingly becoming more connected and as the Internet of Things becomes a reality, cars will also share information on road, traffic and weather conditions with other vehicles, forming a new community. Moreover, drivers will be able to enjoy personalised alerts as they approach their preferred shops or restaurants, even receiving special dedicated coupons-on-the-go.

4. The Rise of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Technology

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure technology (V2I) is a further development of geo-located services. Besides communicating with each other, V2I will allow vehicles to communicate with local infrastructures, receiving specific real-time local information on available parking, closed road and recommended routes.

5. Voice-controlled Vehicles and Driverless Cars

Last but not least, is the telematics service that attracts the most buzz: driverless cars. While these are already around us, at least as test versions, we will probably first experience the rise of a new car interface based on voice and touch controls as car automation is perfected and integrated with telematics services.

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