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5 Tips To Help Drivers Save Money On Auto Insurance

Having worked with insurance companies and their policyholders for over a decade, Octo has learned that many drivers don’t understand auto insurance. This often means they are missing out on opportunities to lower their insurance premiums at renewal.

Not to worry! We are here to help! Our insurance experts compiled five easy ways to help policyholders save on auto insurance.

  1. Bundle Up! Insurance companies love multi-line customers and most will offer you deep discounts for bringing over other insurance policies (home, renters, etc.) with your auto policy. Bundling also makes it easier and more efficient for you since all of your insurance products are with one provider.
  2. Credit is Key! In many states, credit is used in rating as a proxy for claims frequency. Paying your bills on time, not over extending yourself, and paying off debt can help you get a better insurance rate.
  3. Connect that Car! Telematics is all the rage and most insurance companies provide discounts when you participate in a UBI telematics program. Typically, the safer you drive, the more you save. Being the leader in this space, Octo can make a few solid recommendations!
  4. Membership has its Privileges! Do you belong to a sportsman group or are you a member of a civic association? If so, many insurance companies provide affinity discounts for members and supporters of various organizations, associations and groups.
  5. Save paper to save “Paper!” Despite what a certain singing frog may say, it’s actually quite easy to be green and in the process, save some greenbacks. Many insurance companies offer discounts for paperless billing. Besides being convenient, easy, and good for the environment, it can save you some money!

One final bit of advice: since each state has it’s own laws, regulations and requirementsbe sure to ask your agent, broker or insurance company representative for additional ways to save.

Here’s to your safe driving and to your future saving.

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