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Clear Box and Video Event Data Recorder

Driving safety has become a right for all

There is no doubt that technology can be valuable for drivers and passengers protection: Octo Telematics is a leader in the production of clear boxes (better-known as “black boxes”) and- in partnership with the Group’s affiliated company, OctoCam – of Video Event Data Recorder systems which are devices installed in automobiles to record information related to road events that may help during the reconstruction of car accidents.

Clear boxes are small, high-tech and adaptable to any vehicle. These “boxes” are of small dimensions, resistant to high pressure and temperatures, with a sophisticated electronic heart. The GSM module stores driving time, motor rotation speed, gear position, acceleration, possible opening of airbags or activation of other vehicle security systems in real-time. In addition, the GPS antenna can detect the vehicle’s location. All this information is transmitted to a multiservice center and therefore forwarded to the insurance companies, which assist the driver with medical and towing services in case of an accident. The clear box’s input is essential for the reconstruction of the event: this device “memorizes” the car’s movements in the 40 seconds preceding and the 10 following the accident, identifying, for example, the presence of sudden accelerations or suspicious “decelerations”. The benefits for those who choose a clear box are evident both in terms of security and savings. Today, in Italy, there are about 1.2 million black boxes installed on 40 million vehicles in circulation (ANIA data).

Instead, OctoCam Video Event Data Recorder systems are provided with a video camera, which is equipped with a triaxial accelerometer that is positioned inside the vehicle’s windscreen. Videos can either automatically memorize the dynamics of the accident or can be manually activated by the driver. OctoCam systems are particularly suitable for fleet management.

Octo Telematics, through technology, offers its customers the highest safety levels. Everyone should be protected from risk factors associated with the road.

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