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Telematics has revolutionised motor vehicle rental

Telematics allows improved insurance, tracking, servicing and organisation of vehicles

Imagine having to organise one hundred rental vehicles with a notebook and pencil, keeping track of when they are out and when they will be coming back in. Of course, you also need to schedule regular servicing and maintenance and pay insurance for all your vehicles. Once, this was all paper work, but even when personal computers began to be adopted by small businesses in the mid seventies, employees still needed to manually input and update all this information and regularly check calendars for service alerts and other scheduled operations.

The appearance of telematics at the beginning of the new century has been one of the most important technological innovations on the market – a true disruption – that has vastly altered the way motor vehicles are organized, tracked, serviced and insured.

On top of this, the global market and fierce competitiveness mean that car rentals and fleet managers are increasingly confronted by operational issues ranging from the ever present need to improve activity coordination, optimise fuel costs and adhere to new legislation, such as revised carbon emission regulations, that requires timely revision and replacement of fleet vehicles.

Telematics allows rental services to control all of this data and more, including information on driver behaviour, fuel consumption, local traffic and weather conditions. It allows businesses to run more efficiently and cost effectively. It ensures optimal logistic and commercial scheduling, timely servicing and parts substitution thanks to the analysis of specific data over short, medium and long-term periods, not to mention real-time rescheduling. And, of course, telematics means improved theft protection and constant vehicle tracking and geo-location.

What about pricing? Now rental companies can also determine the effective usage, not just mileage, of vehicles and charge specific fees based on the real use of cars, trucks, ploughs or what other ever type of vehicle is being rented.

Telematics is the rental operators’ magic crystal ball. It provides whatever information is required in real-time and makes running any operation smooth, easy and immediate.

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