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The Data Scientist’s role from theory to practice

How much is this role valued in the telematics industry

There was a time when there were different disciplines, each one definitely separated from the other and for each of them there was a specific connected professional role.

On the contrary today the idea of different distinct knowledge fields is fading away being replaced by the idea of various disciplines crossed and mixed together, the idea of multiple skills. In the scientific sector, it often happens that mathematics, statistics, IT and engineering  come across and meet, let’s say “talk” to each other. And one of the most profitable result of this mutual “talk” is Data Science, an expression that in the last 10 years has been frequently used among the experts, but they are not the only ones to use it. This discipline deals with the analysis and management of huge amounts of data that have to be addressed also to people not used to deal every day with figures and bytes.

As a consequence of that the job market is moving toward a more multidisciplinary and multitasking dimension: the role of the Data Scientist, or the information scientist, is the clear evidence of that. The Harvard Business Review described it as “the sexiest job of the 21st century”.

Il Data Scientist is not a pure mathematician nor an IT specialist, but capitalizes on his skills of years of experience in the field of Information Technology,  statistics, mathematics and last but not least marketing.

The Data Scientisti is able to interpret data, implement softwares to get a way out from these huge amount of data, but especially  to match theoretical analysis to the different field he is working in.

This is the framework where companies play a role. Both small and big enterprises are trying to learn how to benefit from this new jobs. And telematics is no less so. The Data Scientist job is ever more stategic, not only for the implementation of the softwares and smatphones apps, but also for market analysis and web promotion, becoming more and more important in the web era.
What do you need to be a Data Scientist? Without any doubt you need to be endowed with strong analysis skills, but it is essential too not to forget home creativity and ingenuity.

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