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A New Driving Experience

Digital natives have a novel, positive approach to technology and social media

It’s no secret that as an increasing percentage of individuals aged fifty and older join social media platforms, such as Facebook, the younger generations are moving away from “traditional” social media. In fact, it has been reported, for example, that original Facebook status updates are down by 21%.

A new generation of digital natives is coming of age. This is a new generation that grew up not only with computers and the Internet, but the new world of social media and the “Internet 2.0.” This is a generation that no longer aims to accumulate information on a hard drive or a social network, but rather they strive to share experiences in real-time. This is a marked shift from collecting information to instant experience. It’s about what is happening now.

Moreover, another concept that is steadily gaining ground is that of reward, not just likes or shares, but true value that is grounded in our real, everyday lives, a fusion of the virtual and the real physical world. In fact, this is quickly becoming the backbone of many e-commerce, advertising and productivity apps and services. And this is exactly what apps like “Octo U” and “Rider 2V” do for drivers and motorists.

The “Octo U” App, which is free and available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, collects, analyses and stores telematics data on motorist driving behaviour, but also serves as an invaluable learning tool, pointing out how to improve driving, alerting drivers to recurrent dangers (such speeding, hard braking, etc.) and improving road safety in general.

Drivers accept safety and virtuous driving challenges that allow them to earn “U Stars” and “U Coins.” The more each driver gets, the more they climb the charts and win. “Octo U” provides immediate rewards (tips on how to improve driving performance or comparing best driving performance with friends), medium-term rewards (collecting “U Coins” that can be used in the Octo “U Store”) and long-term rewards (discounted insurance premiums for virtuous drivers, fuel points and promotions, in select countries).

Similarly, Octo Rider 2V, the first video recording system conceived for motorcycles, automatically records data and video of all accidents and critical situations and safeguards motorcyclists by providing them with clear and unequivocal evidence of their responsibility – or lack thereof – in case of accidents. In addition to this, however, it also helps reduce insurance costs and allows motorcyclists to relive their journeys in real-time as well as to download the videos and share them with their friends.

Thankfully, social media is moving away from statuses claiming “I drove from Rome to London in 24 hours” (something which certainly has a negative connotation to it), to something along the lines of “I’m number one on Octo U. Check it out!” It’s about a brave, new generation that is coming of age and learning to use technology, social media and related platforms for improving human conditions – like learning to drive better, saving money and increasing everyone’s safety and security!

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