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Toyota creates new business for its Kinto mobility services

At the start of this year, Toyota launched Kinto, a new brand for various mobility services. In April 2021, Kinto will evolve from a project to a business with the launch of a new mobility company, Kinto Europe, a joint venture between Toyota Motor Europe and Toyota Financial Services.

The new company will be based in Cologne, Germany, managing a growing range of Kinto mobility services and products across the continent.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the company said they believe the opportunities for innovative mobility services today are greater than ever, as many people have reconsidered their lifestyle priorities after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the services Kinto will be offering:

  • KINTO One: a full-service lease offer, providing ease of ownership combining vehicle, service and insurance in one monthly payment.
  • KINTO Share: a carsharing service based on a large hybrid vehicle line-up available via a self-service concept, without the running costs.
  • KINTO Join: Carpooling, connecting employees who wish to share their daily commute to work, benefitting both employees and companies who can reduce their CO2 footprint.
  • KINTO Flex: Subscription-based car leasing, offering increased flexibility and providing premium experience.

Source: fleeteurope

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